Monday, 10 November 2014

A Bohemian Style Bedroom and Gabryel Harrison's Atmospheric Roses Painting - Plus a Peek at My Latest Peony Painting

It has been some time since  have featured an artist on the blog, however while looking for some interiors to share, I came across a colourful condominum and immediately recognised the artists work as New Zealand born, Gabryel Harrison.

Artist, Gabryel Harrison now resides in Vancouver, and states, "My paintings are evocations of states of mind and the constant transformations in the sea of the senses, the ever-changing landscape of the emotions and the mutable mind reflected in the surrounding natural world." Gabryel works with translucent layers of oil paint and sometimes incorporates crushed rose petals or other organic or inorganic matter and gold leaf. I find her work reminiscent of the early Dutch still life painters, however with a contemporary twist. It was pleasing to discover this particular work (above) by Gabryel as part of an interior design project by Vancouver designers, Cross Interior Design. The style is eclectic, and I would add a little Bohemian. The combination of colours and texture in Gabryel's painting certainly brings some drama to this interesting room.

Gabryel's work is international and she is represented in New Zealand by the International Art Centre, Parnell, Auckland. A further list of galleries that carry her work can be found on her website (link above).  

Photography - Janice Nicolay

Below: Recent work from Gabryel at the Winsor Gallery, Vancouver
 All Their Flame, 2013 Oil on canvas - 64 X 56 inches
 Fragrant Anguish, 2014 - Oil on canvas 39 X 24 inches

And below, The International Art Centre in Auckland, New Zealand
 Extravagant Ruby, Oil on canvas 64.0 x 86.0

 Roses after the Rain, Oil on canvas 76.0 x 102.0

If you want to know more about selecting and hanging art in your home then you may be interested in a previous post on 'How To Select The Perfect Artwork For Your Home' which includes tips on how to hang a piece correctly taking into account, height and light. To see more of Gabryel's work, please visit her website (link above).

If you love floral paintings, you may want to view my 'Art' page or website, where you can see more of my work. A different style from Gabryel's, but still depicting my passion for painting flowers. My latest work in progress can be seen below. The parts that looks complete, still have further layers of glazing to be added before I can lay my brushes down.

Work in Progress : Life Emerging - Oil on Italian Linen 1 metre x 1 metre; Artist Lee Dewsnap


  1. WOW Lee, you are such a talented artist. And of course i love your featured artist too. There's something about floral art, it always reminds me of yesteryear. Just lovely and for me, calming.

    1. Thank you Jane for the encouragement, I just wish I was a little faster at painting. I am not quite sure why I have such a passion for painting only flowers, I think it is because they are so naturally beautiful. You don't have to dolly up a gorgeous old fashioned rose to make it look stunning, it already is :)


  2. That was fun. I really like the watery emotional look of Gabryel's work... and love the idea of incorporating petals into the paintings. And... whoa... your work is over the moon amazing. As i said, i would kill to be able to just sit and watch you paint...


    1. I also love the way Gabryel's work seems to flow over the canvas. Thank you for the extremely encouraging comment about my work. If you ever get to New Zealand you are more than welcome to watch me paint. My problem is focus, I have too many things on the go at once. Hopefully I will finish my bedroom soon and then I can concentrate on my paintings again.

  3. Your work is so stunning, I am so happy to see the work in progress of the peonies, they are just beautiful. I think Gabryel's work is very lovely, but your depth captures my heart even more :)



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