Wednesday 19 November 2014

Moroccan Inspired Cabinet - Chalk Paint™ and Stencil Makeover

I have been following the progress of Kaye of Curtainalia & Bel Cuscino's latest Chalk Paint™ project, one of her most beautiful projects and my favourite to date. Kaye has a special talent for paint techniques, she takes an unassuming piece and turns it into something unique. Her latest project has been given an antique Moroccan look using a combination of Chalk Paint™, stencils and wax and the results speak for themselves.

The original cabinet was vintage, plain and definitely tired, however seeing its potential Kaye chose a Moroccan theme which suited the cut out pattern on the drawers and cupboard doors. Kaye decided to use a few different techniques such as using base coats of Chalk Paint™, a thin wash, a little chipping, stencilling and a finish of spattering. Clear and dark wax were then applied and polished off to a lovely sheen. The finished cabinet could easily be mistaken for an antique from Morocco. It is so beautiful that it literally lasted only a couple of days in her shop window before someone fell in love with it and had to have it.

The Technique:
  • First a mix of Provence and Paris Grey Chalk Paint™ was painted directly onto the cabinet.
  • Once the first coat was completely dry, a second coat of a mix of Florence and Provence gave it a pretty, blue/green shade.
  • When the second coat was dry a thin wash was painted on and wiped off of the first colour used.
  • Kaye then stencilled on her designs using a gold acrylic paint
  • Coco with a little Graphite was used to spatter small spots strategically in places using a stiff bristle brush. (You can see this easily in the image above)
  • Kaye then gently used a chisel to chip off some areas of paint to show the wood beneath. Other areas were sanded back to create a distressed appearance.
  • The cabinet was then finished with first a coat of clear wax which was polished off, then the addition of a coat of dark wax. It was given a really good buff and voila!
  • Note: The gentle spattering on part of the stencil and the application of the wax on top, help to give the stencil the appearance of it being there forever as it settles into the wood rather than looking like it was painted on top.

Above: The colour is more true to the image below
Above: The stencil and spattering can be seen clearly in this image 
Above: fine stencil detail was added to the corners of the cupboard
Above: A central pattern was stencilled in the centre of the top of the cabinet

Kaye has a unique way of looking at a piece of furniture, there is no special formula, she will mix her colours and vary techniques as she goes along. Kaye knows exactly what she wants to achieve and I believe it is her passion for painting furniture and her eye for design, that help her create such wonderful pieces. If you love Kaye's style, you may want to check out her facebook page where she updates new works as she finishes them. Kaye also undertakes commissions, so if you have a special piece that needs a new look or you are an interior designer looking for something different to complete your project, please contact her at Curtainalia & Bel Cuscino or her facebook page.

A previous project of Kaye's featured a 1950's French Parquet Table which was another unusual piece, beautifully finished.

If you want to attempt a project yourself, you can purchase Chalk Paint™ and wax through Annie Sloan, you will find your nearest stockist listed on their website (link above).

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  1. Hi Lee - Kaye did a great job on this cabinet transformation. I am not usually a fan of stencilled furniture, but this one may just have transformed me. I love the time-worn look of the piece and the gold touches she added.
    Mary @ Orphans With Makeup

    1. I agree Mary, wonderful job and I also agree about the comment on stencilling. This piece was perfect for the style of stencil kaye used. Plus she created a more time worn look as you describe.

  2. Oh Lee - this is absolutely gorgeous !
    The colors are perfection ( I'm loving gold embellishments right now )
    Thanks for letting me know about this
    Simply Vintageous Suzan

    1. Thanks Suzan, yes a great combination of colour and the gold has an antique look which I liked rather than a bright painted gold.

  3. It looks stunning! I love the touches of gold, it gives so much character to this piece!

    1. Thank you for your comment Camille, I agree the touches of gold add to its character.

      Lee :)


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