Friday, 28 November 2014

Real Foliage For The Holidays - Small Tree Decorating Ideas

My eight foot Christmas Heirloom tree has been wrapped and stored under my deck the past three years. The first year I managed to find room for it, that was until my Korean cabinet arrived and took up the only space my tree could go. Since then I have had to make do with small, faux trees dotted around the house, this year I have decided to use some small, 'natural' trees as well as faux and have been looking around for some inspiration.

Pinterest is my favourite place for seeking ideas and I found plenty of small, natural trees and other inspiration. I believe that natural trees need less decoration than faux ones, in fact some require no decoration, simply an ingenious pot such as the vintage tin in image 11. They also have the added bonus of smelling delightful.

The first two images below are via Miss Mustard seed - Blogger/entrepreneur/mother, wife/photographer and creator of Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint, I think she is pretty much, 'Wonder Woman'. Marian is always sharing gorgeous photography of her home, and inspiring makeovers with her paint, so I encourage you to visit, you won't be disappointed.


Images Via: 1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10|11

There are many ways you can decorate with small trees, the ideas above are just a few. Browse through your cupboards for vintage cups or mugs that would take a small tree or maybe some vintage silver, inspiration is limitless.

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  1. Hi Lee. It definitely seems to be a trend, those tiny little trees. I am so adoring them. I agree the real ones are so much nicer but Ikea's Fejka's potted artificial tree looks pretty real. I nestled two of them together and love how they look. Great inspiration.
    Mary @ Orphans With Makeup

    1. Thanks Mary taking time to stop by and comment, yes the real trees are so gorgeous, I have been making some this weekend and even bought some small Rosemary plants that make great little trees and give off a wonderful scent at the same time. I have also got some faux trees which I used the past few years, I will probably use one of them on top of my cabinet. I must check out the IKEA ones, we don't have IKEA in NZ but I think you can buy on line in Australia.

  2. I love all the small trees! they are perfect. I'm putting a small tree in my kitchen right now!!


    1. You might like the kitchen I am featuring tomorrow, it is gorgeous with simple foliage and small trees.



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