Friday, 5 December 2014

Christmas At Home - An Inspirational Book by New Zealand Stylist, Sandra Kaminski With Photography By Geoff Hedley


If you love making your home look beautiful at Christmas or any time of the year for that matter, then you will definitely want a copy of Sandra Kaminski's latest book, 'Christmas At Home'.

Turning the pages of 'Christmas At Home' is like opening hundreds of presents as each page reveals new inspiration. With over 600 photographs, Geoff Hedley has magically captured Sandra's wonderful talent for decorating. Throughout the book the chapters introduce different themes such as - A Snow White Celebration, Home Made Gifts, An Antique Christmas, The Art of Giving, Advent Ideas and more. The importance of a beautiful table is evident in; The Place Setting, Flowers and Foliage. There are many chapters full of creative ideas, far too many to mention in one post. 

Sandra states, "For me, Christmas is a special time when magic sweeps through all our lives...". She reflects with fond memories of her childhood where she would watch her father carefully wrap presents with pretty wrapping paper and ribbons. Their large Christmas table would gleam with polished silverware and beautiful flowers alongside festive decorations. Today as a professional stylist, New Zealander, Sandra Kaminski creates her own inspiration using flowers, foliage and everyday items both old and new. Christmas At Home NZ$59.99 by Bateman Publishing, is devoted to Sandra's love of the holiday period and her passion for creating wonderful, visual memories for her family and friends.

Sandra can take something as simple as a tin can and re-purpose it into a decorative holder. I was utterly charmed by her champagne corks cleverly crafted into little French chairs as shown to her by a chef friend. Pretty rose patterned vintage tea cups overflow with old fashioned boiled sweets or she may dip their brims in in peppermint snow and fill them with aromatic hot chocolate.  Not only does Sandra share her style and secrets but she has created a range of name tags, gift wraps, labels and wrappers especially for the book which can be downloaded for free at her website

The following images are a few of Geoff Hedley’s photographs from inside the book, they are taken by myself with prior permission from Bateman Publishing.

I have had this gorgeous book for a little over a week and I can honestly say although I have already read the book cover to cover, I am still picking it up each day to absorb all the beautiful images. I have started to decorate my home and have been influenced by a lot of the ideas from Sandra's book. Whatever your style, theme or colour, I am sure a copy of 'Christmas At Home' will help you create the most beautiful holiday decor this year and many more years to come If you don't already have a copy, I would quickly add it to the top of your Christmas list :).

You can follow along with Sandra on her Facebook page or Pinterest. Sandra has over 195,000 Likes on her Facebook page, so you can see how popular she is. You will also find a link to her website above which has extra tips and ideas.

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