Monday 22 December 2014

Christmas Table Decoration - Be Inspired


The countdown to Christmas is on and I am still thinking about my table decoration, I am open to ideas but leaning towards flowers and nature and have been searching my Pinterest boards for inspiration.

I have 9 people for Christmas dinner, my round table is not going to be large enough so I am adding a rectangular table on the end. I am thinking, less is best and I love the simple white table below with a central swag, this could be a great idea for my rectangular table using some of the gorgeous large magnolia leaves and flowers that are embracing my local streets.

When looking for ideas for your Christmas table, or any celebration for that matter, remember the shape and size of your table. If you have a round table, a circular display of foliage in the middle with some candles may be all you require. As with any decor, mixing textures can enhance your table. I love to dress up serviettes by either tying them with a bow or adding a little gift. I usually make my own paper Christmas crackers, there is a tutorial from a few years ago on the blog, I was going to do a new one this year, however I just haven't had time. My style has changed somewhat since I posted the tutorial, however the technique remains the same.

2. Above: A central swag makes a statement, candles add height
3. Above: Layering a table can make it look luxurious. Here, linen place mats add a subtle silver grey accent to a sliver and white theme
4. Above: A pine cone has been used to decorate a place name. You could paint a pine cone in silver paint or dip in glass glitter as seen in a recent Mix of Holiday Inspiration
5. Above: I love the simplicity of this little bell. I have seen cheap silver bells in Two dollar shops which you could easily paint with a matte silver for an effect like this
6. Above: A snowflake cookie combined with some foliage, makes a simple decoration

7. Above: Grouping candles together with a little foliage for a pretty effect. I spotted this simple but effective arrangement at French Larkspur, a Vintage,French inspired blog
8. Above: Definitely a festive table, the hurricane lamps look fabulous on their wooden tree stands. There is lots of texture going on with this table which makes it look so welcoming
9. Above: A simple table with gold accents
10. Above: I made these little candle holders myself...Read more here

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If you are looking for more ideas for your table, please visit my Pinterest board below or Christmas Board for more inspiration...

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