Monday, 16 February 2015

Another Fabulous Interior Project From Blackband Design


I am currently captivated by Blackband Designs, I think what I love most about their personal style, is the clever way they combine pattern and colour and the sometimes surprising piece they introduce that completes the look.

Last Friday's post was about 2015 Interior Trends - Discussing Colour, Pattern and the Importance of Texture. In this post I mentioned the popularity of blue/indigo and the use of Leopard print in interiors. Today's house tour is in Southern California and features a combination of a few of these trends but in a way that is unique to interior designers, Blackband Designs.

I am not a personal fan of brown leather, however I love the look below. Textures such as linen and my favourite blue and white with the introduction of brown Leopard print, has me re-considering. See how this brown leather couch comes alive with the right cushions (image 2).

It is important when introducing a colour or colours to your home that you have a cohesive look. I am not a fan of having a different colour in each room, it can make a home a little disjointed, more busy and less relaxed. Lets face it you want your home to be a place of refuge and relaxation. If you look at all the separate spaces in this home, you will see the united colour is blue and white in differing shades. However, the designers have introduced touches of green and brown with patterned cushions (as seen in the living room). The mix of pattern and colour work in this home as they are against a neutral, white background which unites the design, making it flow from room to room. Also accent colours used throughout the home are of the same tonal value. for example, the green cushions in image 2, are still of the same tonal value of the blue and white and leopard cushions. Had these two cushions been a bright, emerald green then they would have stood out instead of settling in with the others. I don't mean this has to extend to keeping your furniture the same tone throughout your home. Different furniture tones and textures are important in making a home look interesting and not boring, as seen in this example. It is also not wrong to have a different style of furnishing, for example, a French style bedroom and a traditional style living room as long as you keep the colour palette similar for cohesive design.


3. A  cohesive mix of pattern and texture from living through to the kitchen
4. A calm corner to relax in with softer tones of blue and grey
5. What a fabulous outlook this breakfast table has - A rustic look which is enhanced by the rattan blinds. These blinds look fabulous in a coastal style interior too, adding texture and warming up a white background
6. The black bed makes a statement, yet it is calmed by a selection of blue and white tones from soft to darker navy. The wooden bedside drawers reflect the tones of the rattan floor rug and create unity
7. The dark wood cabinet brings through the dark colour of the bed
8. Who doesn't want a walk in like this. I love the pull out tie rack and those stunning lights. Texture can still be seen in this area with the woven baskets and velour carpet
10. A relaxed outdoor area with a fireplace that can be used year round
11. Of course a Californian home is not without a pool and poolside dining

I have to keep looking over these lovely images and each time I spot something different, such wonderful inspiration especially if you love blue and white. I am definitely encouraged to add some leopard print to my sofa this winter. I just wish Blackband were a little bit closer. If you live in the USA, Blackband do have a store in California, however as yet they are not on line although you can contact them directly about anything  you might see that you would like to purchase.

More images of this project can be viewed at Blackband designs 

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