Friday 6 February 2015

Tips For Decorating and Enhancing a Small Hallway


Often people neglect their hallways and see them as just a walkway, especially if they are small and possibly on the dark side. However, with a few tips to help this space look a little larger, you can easily add interest to a small hallway with artwork and furniture that reflect your personal taste.

  • Use of a mirror to help reflect light and can give the illusion of more space. If you have a dead wall at the end of your hall, using a full length mirror is a great way of making the hall appear larger than it is
  • Paint your walls a light, neutral colour, soft shades of white, off whites and very light pastels are good tones to think about
  • Use a semi gloss, low sheen paint to bounce light around, matte paint will absorb light and make the space a little darker
  • Make sure if the area gets little light that you do not choose a shade of white that is too cool, select a warm white
  • Light coloured flooring will make a space appear larger
  • Use a bright, white bulb for artificial lighting
  • Wide, horizontal stripes will make the hallway appear longer and a little wider
  • Vertical stripes will make a low ceiling look taller but can create a narrower overall look
  • Use white such as 'alabaster' on the ceiling to make the area look lighter
  • A hall runner can make the area look longer and can add interest
  • A few large pictures can actually make the space appear larger than it is, rather than too many small pictures that may create a more cluttered appearance
  • Try to keep a theme with your wall art
  • Hang art at eye level
  • If using a piece of furniture make sure it is narrow and not encroaching on the walk way
2. Above:  Timeless black and white photography
3. Above:  A striped runner  makes a hallway appear longer, however a wider runner,  would have made it appear wider overall
4. Above:  A patterned hall runner adds a further dimension and acts as artwork in this narrow, light hallway. A mirror at the end of the hall gives the illusion it is longer than it really is
5. Above: Keep it light
6. Above: Keeping it light  - Photography by Colin Cadle Photography
7. Above: Keep furniture narrow and don't let it encroach on the walkway 
8. Mirrors  can work wonders 
9. Above: wide horizontal stripes can make a hallway appear longer
10. Above: Horizontal stripes  can heighten the appearance of a low ceiling
11. Above and below - Large artwork 
12. Above: A large contemporary artwork lifts this narrow hallway

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I am currently re-decorating my small hallway and to date I have painted the walls, added new artwork and a new piece of furniture. I am creating a Hamptons/coastal look as this is the theme my home is gradually taking on. I haven't completed the entrance-way yet, this may include stripes inspired by a previous post, 'Stripes Anyone - Horizontal or vertical for a small hallway'. I will share the changes I have made to date in Monday's post. I hope everyone has a great weekend and I will see you all on Monday with my hallway photos and meanwhile leave you with a 'before' photo...

Above: My hallway stripped of artwork, recently painted and waiting for the finishing touches which will be shared in Monday's post.

Lee oxo

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