Friday, 20 March 2015

Rustic Coastal Style - How to Achieve This Look

I realise many of the coastal interiors I feature are predominantly shades of blue and white, however after recently reading a comment left by one of my readers on Facebook, she mentioned that she "preferred a more rustic approach", so, I decided to write a piece about rustic coastal style and how we might achieve this look.

Coastal style can take on many guises, rustic, modern or traditional, each has its own look. The most important thing to remember when trying to create a coastal look is to make it 'your' style. Don't simply copy an idea verbatim, take the idea, work with it, introduce ideas of your own to make it work with the style of your home.

When it comes to rustic coastal, there are many options to explore. Mixing antique or vintage furniture with new pieces works well with this style. It is not about filling a room with lots of bleached wood, rusty iron and shells. It is about getting the balance right and introducing some unique pieces that reflect your love of blue skies, white sands and azure seas - This can be done with artwork lamps, rugs, decorative pieces, or a special piece of furniture. You may love fish, shells or seabirds and draw upon these ideas when looking for decorative pieces, however remember to create a balance don't over do it or you may quickly tire of the look.

Rustic coastal should incorporate lots of texture and sisal is the perfect look for an area rug. Keep your sofas neutral, personally I love linen which works in any interior. Linen can fade, although today there are many blends of linen manufactured to resist fading. Don't overdo wooden furniture, keep it balanced and maybe introduce a rattan or bamboo chair. You could even use a contemporary glass coffee table in a rustic space as long as there is a balance of wood and texture surrounding it.

As far as decorative items, look for pieces that reflect the seaside. I am not talking about the obvious such as a rope coiled lamp base, look deeper and explore textures such as mother of pearl, weathered stone or ceramics with wave like patterns or hammered metals such as silver, copper or pewter. All these tones reflect colours you may see while gathering shells. Look beyond the obvious and towards the unusual, this way you will achieve your unique, rustic coastal look.

2. Above: The bleached wood and iron industrial style coffee table in this modern coastal room adds a rustic touch. Metallic's are trending and the brass/gold finished stool, brings a touch of glamour to this Living Room by Wisteria
3. Above:  Traditional appeal, however the antique sideboard adds warmth, creating more of a rustic feel. Overall this is not so much rustic coastal but I love the sideboard and it would work wonderfully in a coastal interior - Design also by Wisteria
4. Shades of azure blue seas and white, combined with bleached wood, lends a relaxed cottage feel to this living area - Design by Wisteria. Note the textured lamp.

This is actually a Mediterranean style dining area, however rattan and wood work equally as well in a rustic coastal space - Bill Bocken Architecture and Interior Design
6. This room depicts a relaxed, rustic look that is equally at home in the country or beside the sea - Design by Beach Cottage
7. Above: Lots of wonderful texture in this bathroom by Brown Contractors Fine Custom Homes
7. Above:  I love this hall entrance it immediately shouts rustic coastal with the whitewashed table and metal orb suspended above. A crab artwork adds some quirky character - Image via Emerald Coast Real Estate Photography
8. Above:  An eclectic mix of woods both dark and light. A little ironwork and a linen sofa with accents of blue, white and yellow, create a balanced look in this beach themed open plan space
9. A clever use of old pieces of timber form a headboard - Metro Furniture & Accessories

There are many ways of creating a rustic coastal look, I have touched on a few examples only. Maybe you love a coastal look but rustic isn't your style, then visit my Coastal Pinterest board below to find which style of coastal is right for you.

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  1. Absolutely love the room from the picture no.8 and the bird prints from the first one. That's what I love, mixing of rustic elements with traditional and classic:)


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