Monday, 13 April 2015

Vintage Style and Cottage Charm in Joanna Madden's Home

Above: Start a collection 

A talented photographer always knows exactly the right angles to show off an interior to its best but It always helps to have something interesting to photograph. Joanna Madden's pretty cottage with her collectable vintage items and interesting vignettes is a the perfect home to photograph.

Owner of this cute cottage, Joanna Madden has a degree in fashion merchandising and runs a vintage home-goods business with her mother and as a true multi tasker, she also designs jewelry for her business, Findings. Looking around Joanna's home her love of collecting vintage items is evident, not only is she a collector, Joanna clearly has a talent for styling which I expect comes from her fashion merchandising background. Beautiful vignettes are abundant in Joanna's home which has been beautifully photographed by talented photographer, Rikki Snyeder.

Above:  Photo source

Above: Stacking vintage suitcases makes a unique display. Look for items a little different such as these beautiful white leather suitcases. Collect your pieces over a time, that way it makes it fun to attend auctions or garage sales to hunt out the next piece to add to your collection

Above: Group items together to create an effective vignette. Move items around, add and subtract and vary heights until you are happy with the results

Above: Grouping items together in different shapes but the same material can create an effective display

Above: If you don't want to hang things on a wall, displaying them on shelves is a quick way to be able to swap things around - Mirrors could be exchanged for pictures etc

Above: Look for interesting pieces of furniture that have some rustic charm such as the patina on the vintage trunk

Above: Recovering vintage pieces may be all they need for a new look. The retro bench seat still has a little rust on the legs which adds to its charm

Using vintage items will add charm and character to a home. Stacked vintage suitcases or groups of mirrors will make lovely displays. Furniture re-painted or even left shabby can add interest and texture. Making a home can be fun and it need not break the budget if you think outside the box.

You can view more photo's of Joanna's


  1. This is a lovely house. I particularly like the furniture and arrangement from the first picture:)

    1. Yes its gorgeous, that first image is what caught my attention. I love the display on the side table and that brave cheetah print on the chair which works wonderfully in Joanna's home.

  2. I love this beautiful use of neutrals. Can you direct me to paint colors?

    1. Sorry I cannot help you with the colours, are you talking about the wall colours? I will try to find out for you.

  3. Lee, What a beautiful home! There are so many things I love and her style is amazing.


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