Friday, 29 May 2015

A Rustic Farmhouse In The Sonoran Desert

One could hardly believe this rural French style farmhouse is located in the Sonoran Desert, USA. Old and new blend to create a rustic, eclectic interior with loads of character and architectural features that make it feel like it has been there forever.

For me comfort is paramount in any home from a top end Manhattan apartment to a country residence, the interior design should meet the owners brief but feel welcoming and relaxed to all that enter. Working with a home's character but creating a unique design is not always that simple, especially when you need to create something unique to the owners style and personality. This home however, has gone beyond the traditional rustic style and incorporates elements of modern design combined with strong rustic pieces. One living area has a distinctly cottage feel, whereas the main living room with the stunning fire place is a blend of contemporary and rustic pieces. The bedrooms also have their own unique styles, one with a slight shaker look, whereas the other heavier rustic farmhouse in style. This mix of old and new from David Michael Miller Associates brings an element of surprise to each room and I love all of them.

Photographed by Werner Segarra

This home is spacious but warm and welcoming, each room has an unexpected surprise, yet it all blends together beautifully. If you love this interior and you live in the Sonoran area, you may want to see more of David Michael Miller Associates work (you will find a link above).

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