Wednesday, 12 August 2015

A New Designer Collar and Tag for Poppy

As a design blogger, I sometimes receive products to review, normally they are books or homeware, however, this time it was something for Poppy and although this post may not be about interior design, it is still about good design, plus there are some delightful new photos of Poppy I am sure you will enjoy.

The invitation from Collars and, to choose something new for Poppy couldn't have come at a better time. Poppy's current collar was a little worse for wear and she had lost her previous name tag (badly engraved in a key shop). When I hopped over to the Collars and Tags website, I noticed they stock the Red Dingo brand among their range. Red Dingo is well respected for quality and design in the pet world with their 100% guarantee on their collars and leads. Safety for Poppy is paramount so the clasp on her new collar had to be secure and the collar snug fitting without being tight. The collar I chose is adjustable and made of strong, premium nylon webbing, it has the trademarked buckle bone side release clip and stainless steel D ring. As far as my choice of colour, I knew I wanted soft pink as it would be perfect against her natural silver grey. For added safety I opted for the reflective bones design. 

The next step was to personalise her tag, even if your pet is micro chipped, there is the extra confidence of having a name tag attached to the collar with your phone number. At first I couldn't decide between the bone shaped tag and the circular tags, however in the end I chose a circular tag with a paw print in pink, although I quite liked the crowns too. I kept the front of the tag with the paw print only and chose to have her name and phone number engraved on the reverse side. You can basically choose and design the tags however you want but in hindsight I wish I had put her name on the front below the paw print too.

Less than a week later the parcel arrived and we were both excited to open it. Poppy's eyes were glued on the parcel hoping it contained food. On opening it, I was thrilled to see not only a collar but a matching lead and an extra little toy for Poppy. The lead matched her collar, and had a secure swivel clip. The hand strap on the lead is black which is a good design feature as the straps usually get a bit grubby. I also noticed the strap was padded for comfort. When I returned to the Collar and Tags website, I saw the lead comes in three widths so you can easily get the perfect size/weight for your dog. 

Next was the name tag, it is extra sturdy and the engraving was perfect, deeply etched in black and clear to see, I was very happy. They had also included a treat for poppy by way of a bone shaped toy with a squeaker you could turn off with the switch of a button. I thought this was really cool as when I'm on the phone to friends, Poppy will get a squeaky toy and continue to squeak it until she gets my attention. The toy bone was probably a little big for Poppy as she is tiny and she couldn't quite get her jaw around it with enough pressure to get it to squeak. It was quite funny watching her come to grips with this and getting annoyed with it as she couldn't make the noise that I could with my hand. It would be perfect, however for a medium to larger size dog and she still loves it and has tried her best to chew it up to no avail, which is another bonus as she usually destroys her toys within a few days.

I thought you might like to see a few photos of Poppy with her new collar, tag and lead. Unfortunately we have had rain and hail in Auckland so I have had to take the photos indoors. You may even see a peek of my new black and white check duvet cover on my bed (cushions still to come). 

If you are thinking of buying a new collar and lead for your dog or cat or a custom designed name tag, definitely check out Collars and Tags as they have a great range and their quality is excellent. They also carry a range of toys, harnesses, pet grooming tools and cat needs, and importantly, shipping is worldwide.  So thanks Collars and for your kind gift, I always review honestly, good or bad and I can say I truly love the quality, and design of your products and your prompt service.

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  1. Oh my, Poppy is adorable! She seems to like her new "accessories"


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