Saturday, 5 September 2015

Interior Spaces to Love - Week 2

Dillon Kyle Architecture

Last week I started a new series of weekly posts sharing gorgeous spaces that I have discovered over the course of the week. It may be an entire room, a vignette, a stunning light fitting, artwork or something else that catches my eye. This week I've decided to change the title to 'Interior Spaces to Love' as I am sure it is not just me that will love this weeks picks. 

In the image above from Dillon Kyle Architecture it was the iron chandelier and the barn style sliding doors that attracted me, this style of door is being seen more frequently in newly built homes, they even have them on the changing room doors in a new boutique I spotted recently in Remuera called Maman. If we extend off our kitchen I plan to use a barn like sliding door to be able to section off the extension in the winter too keep it warm and cosy. I feel they add an architectural touch and a little wow factor. I was also drawn to the two tiered chandelier, you can find similar chandeliers on the products page at Houzz.

Above: Of course it is the stunning staircase that attracted me. The curved handrail and slender iron posts are beautiful - Design by A Cardello Architects. You can view more images of this waterfront home,... here.

Above: I am not normally into white on white as it can look a little clinical, however, I was drawn to this image and the fascinating vignette. I also love how the black and white painting on an opposite wall has been cleverly reflected in the mirror. Mirrors can be used to make a space feel larger and used to reflect the outdoors in some rooms. Tip: If you have a blank wall at the end of a hallway and hang a large mirror you can make the space appear much longer than it is. Design - AM Dolce Vita.

Above: As an ex horse rider, I love this space. The bridles hang like artwork, giving this small area a look of classic, country. The design is by - Kerrie L Kelly.

Above: I love this entire room, its originality intrigues me - Image via CICO Books.

Above: I was drawn to this wonderful chandelier which suits a coastal/Hamptons look. You can find similar chandeliers for sale through the Houzz site, I have included a link at the beginning of this post. Design - Patterson Custom Homes.

Above: I was fascinated by the clever displays in this room by  Grandeur Design

Above: A well balanced space with an eclectic mix of furniture that works wonderfully together. I like to see a little pop of black in a neutral space - Design by ABRAMS. If you love the horse in the window, you can search similar items on Houzz.

Have a wonderful weekend wherever you are in the world. It is Spring in NZ, very wet but I am hopeful the weather should look up soon and at least my lawn is beautifully green.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I think you get a fabulous job on your table with chalk paint. I love to
    look at all the beautiful homes you show on your blog. Happy day!!



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