Friday, 22 January 2016

Achieving The Perfect Nights Rest with Sleepyhead Sleep Solutions

Achieving a restful nights sleep is paramount to our well being and recently I learnt that it is not just about a good mattress and restful surroundings, there are other reasons we may not be sleeping well. 

I for one believe you need a restful environment for a good night's sleep and although I purchased a very good bed and mattress, decorated my room in restful colours and bought expensive bed linen, I am still not sleeping well. My nights usually consist of tossing and turning and flipping my pillow over endlessly to find the coolest part. So, late last year when Sleepyhead, with the help of Dr Libby, launched 'Sleep Solutions', essential sleep products designed to give the ultimate night's rest, I eagerly attended their launch to gather information to see if they could improve my nights sleep.

The first thing I discovered was quite frightening...Did you know that in just one night we can loose up to 500mls of water from our bodies. Although Math may not be my forte, I can easily work out if you multiply this by 365 days and add a spouse, it adds up to an astonishing 36.5 litres of water a year being absorbed into our bedding and mattresses, no wonder my mattress weighs a ton! This is far from a healthy environment for sleeping, especially if you have allergies to moulds. Sleepyhead however, have come up with a solution to this problem which aims to improve our overall sleep and one of the foundation pieces is their new waterproof Tencel mattress and pillow protector. The new protector not only wicks away moisture but is breathable and supports temperature so we don't become too hot or cold. Sleepyhead kindly gave me a mattress and pillow protector set to try out and I can honestly say it has made a huge difference. I no longer seem to get overheated and I am definitely tossing less, even my old pillow doesn't seem to be as hot as it used to and I am no longer flipping it over. I am so convinced by my experience with the new mattress protector that their memory foam pillow is on my "to buy" list.

If you want to find out more about the full range of Sleep Solutions, head over to the Sleepyhead website to see what Dr Libby has to say in Sleepyhead's latest TV advertisement.

Below are a few of the products you will find in the Sleep Solution range.

Above: Essential pillows from the Sleep Solution Range 
Above: Sleepyhead's latest light-weight washable wool duvet
Above: The perfect duvet and mattress

I hope you have learned a little about getting a better night's sleep, I am very impressed with the Sleepyhead Sleep Solutions mattress cover and pillow protectors and although I did add the memory foam pillow to my Christmas list I wasn't lucky enough to get one so this is now on my 'to buy' list. I will be sure to update you once I purchase one.

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  1. We bought a new bed, a very expensive bed! And they sold the mattress protector, they had a glass filled with Windex, and would demonstrate how the Windex couldn't be absorbed, I was hooked! If Anything gets through the pad, the mattress ($3200) would be completely covered. I Bought 2 and Love Love Love Them!! It's So Nice knowing your not laying in sweat, skin and mites! It was around $100 but so worth it!!


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