Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Spaces to Love - Restful Living Spaces

1. Rugs can bring life to a neutral space and less than perfect linens offer a relaxed feel. You can view more of this fabulous home at Studio McGee

Sorry I have had the blog on the back burner yet again dealing with health issues (my dry eyes), however, I have managed to put together a post on 'Spaces to Love', focusing on living areas that speak to my design desires.

What is it about these spaces that catch my eye, they have great form and function and a fabulous use of texture, not to mention a colour palette that is restful to the eye. I do love traditional style bookshelves and drawn to ones that are decorated verging on minimalist, just a few books and a few decorative pieces. At the moment I am having a huge blitz on my personal bookshelves as heading into spring and I plan to re-decorate my living area. I realised how messy my shelves looked with my stacks of H&G magazines and multi-coloured book spines which really do nothing when you like to keep to neutral shades. You can actually flip magazines and books around to show the pages not the spines if you want to keep things white.

The spaces I have chosen today are truly inviting and I feel I could step into any of these spaces and feel at home.

2. Not exactly the living room but these gorgeous chairs caught my eye. I love their boldness, smaller spaces doesn't necessarily mean smaller furniture. Several smaller pieces can make a space look smaller, however a couple of bolder statement pieces can look amazing. 
3. Well organised displays, image via Coastal Style
4. I truly love this space, the outdoors is brought in and I could easily envisage myself curling up on the sofa with a good book
5. Neutral but natural with a European touch
6. Normally I am not a 'grey' person but this room has warmth, texture and pattern and I love the iron chandelier
7. Well organised bookshelves can enhance a space. I like the use of  framed art on bookshelves
8. Layering rugs can look good especially if you contrast textures. More images of this lovely lakeside space at www.lilyPadCottage

Images via Pinterest 1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8

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