Friday, 7 September 2018

Home Decor - Botanicals

Image via The original artwork on this wallpaper is by fellow artist Thomas Darnell

Flowers are one of the most beautiful products of nature and it's one of the main reasons as an artist that I concentrate on painting them. I am in awe of their colours, shapes and the effect light and shadow has on their petals and leaves and I am not the only one obsessed with them as you will see by this post.

As I've been working towards a group show with my large floral paintings which opens September 11th, it has made me think intensely about flowers and how to incorporate some of this love into our homes. The first winning guest bedroom of this seasons "The Block NZ", had a botanical photographic print against a navy painted wall, it looked stunning and certainly created the "moody botanical" brief they were given. 

In the 1960's when I was about 12 years old, we were re-decorating my bedroom and my mother asked what wallpaper I would like on the walls. After wading through a selection of wallpaper books, I chose a floral wallpaper very similar to the first image below. The wallpaper had a dark, almost black background with large pink roses and other flowers, my mother looked a bit taken back with the dark background but I managed to persuade her and when we finished decorating the room, it looked amazing. In fact, everyone loved it and looking back I now consider myself a bit of a trendsetter because no one had ever seen anything like it.  Maybe it was here that my love of flowers began. Botanicals are not just a current trend, they have featured in paintings and textiles for centuries and looking at these images, I feel they will continue to do so for many more, whatsmore, I will continue to incorporate them into my paintings and explore new ways of portraying them. If you would like to see some of my large floral paintings, please visit my profile at Parnell Gallery. 
Image via LBG Interiors 
Image via 
Image via Rebecca Hayes 
Image via Plunkett Homes 

As you can see, flowers are everywhere, they can create a moody atmosphere or a light, spring feeling. From artwork to bedlinen flowers can enhance a space, just remember not to over do them, keep it to one striking piece or subtle accents, even a vase of flowers will bring joy to you. 

Have a wonderful weekend, wherever you are in the world

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