Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Pantone Colour Trends, Spring/Summer 2019 - Home Decor

Each year Pantone select a seasonal palette of colours, so let's explore spring/summer 2019 and see how they can be incorporated into our homes.

Spring is a joyous time, the bursting forth of daffodils, hyacinths and other flowers in a myriad colours. As an artist who paints flowers this is my favourite time of year, a time not only when flowers are abundant but also a time that lifts our spirits after a long cold or wet winter. Spring flows into summer, a joyous time of warmth, sunshine, beaches and embracing nature, these seasons are happy times. This year Pantone have thought about how these two seasons make us feel and created four colour palettes around these moods:
  • Embracing Nature
  • Joyful
  • Colour Play
  • Innocence
A common denomination among the four palettes is a bluish purple called 'Blueberry Pancake', a muddy mauve in a warmer hue seen in 3 of the four palettes with a slightly warmer version (Blueberry Pie), in the Innocence palette. The rich colour of Blueberry Pancake harmonises beautifully with deep, warm yellows (Fall Fantasy and Iced Mango), light pinks (Little Piglet), palest aqua (Carnival Glass) and the lightest baby blue (Quietude). Carefully coordinated and balanced these colours can harmonise beautifully and bring a room to life. If you are not into bold colours, don't forget you can vary the tone within the palette such as using a lighter version of the same colour palette or use colours in the innocence range. Let's explore the palettes and then see how a few  designers have created rooms with similar palettes.

Above: Palette via Pantone
Design Via 
Above: Palette via Pantone
Designer - In the Deets
Above: Palette via Pantone
Above: Palette via Pantone
The new season colour palettes are stunning and can be used to create a bold or subtle look. Beautiful rich colours can be offset by pastels to achieve balance. It has certainly got me thinking about being a little bit more adventurous with colour in my home and maybe paint Blueberry Pancake at the back of my bookshelves or use it in our entrance way, what ideas does it conjure up for you?

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