Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Attitude and the people of Christchurch.

We have had some wet stormy weather the past few weeks in Auckland and the terrible earthquakes again shaking Christchurch. The weather has settled now and we pray that the quakes will too as they have left a devastating effect on the people of Christchurch City and still people are waiting to hear if they can build their homes again in the areas they live, it is truly an unsettling time.   A friend of mine whose husband works for Telecom was down there recently helping out, on his return he said you have no idea how devastated the city is with all its demolished buildings unless you see it for yourself as we are only seeing snippets on television not casting our eye around the city from one place. 

I know our hearts and prayers go out to the people of Christchurch during this unsettling time. However, it was inspirational tonight to see on the news that Ballantynes Department store in Christchurch city centre, which has been closed since the first Earthquake, opened its doors today with a big sale and the people of Christchurch were all out for a bit of retail therapy. Amongst the devastation and mess, people took it upon themselves to be cheered up by stepping through Ballantynes doors for the first time in months and being able to spend some money on something nice to cheer them up. We know that money doesn't buy happiness but we do know that sometimes it can cheer us up for a short time and that in turn can alter our outlook.

In Auckland today the rain has stopped and the weather is very mild for this time of year, so mild that the other day I noticed some buds forming on an old fashioned rose I have in a pot on my back deck.  Then today one of the buds burst forth to a beautiful rose. I am astounded as this rose never flowers at this time of year. I also picked raspberries off my mothers vine the other day, strange things are happening to our environment and I presume Global warming has a lot to do with it. Seeing this beautiful rose, however, inspired me to photograph it and purchase some more flowers to go with it so that I can work on a composition for my next painting.  I have a shot of the rose below and I have added an inspirational quote.

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