Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Chocolate - A girls best friend when you cant afford Diamonds.

I LOVE chocolate, what women doesn't, and what man for that matter! I am fairly fussy about my chocolate and while living in the Middle East I discovered that the Middle Eastern chocolate has to be some of the best around. I am not absolutely sure if it is made in the Middle East or whether they just prefer their chocolate less sweet than the European chocolate, however, I very quickly became addicted to it.  It didn't help that below our apartment was a wonderful chocolate shop that sold not only chocolate but fresh ground coffee too and I couldn't walk past without stopping and taking in the aroma. Often I would I would pop down in the evening and get my 10 dirham's worth of chocolates when the craving finally won over. 

The little chocolate shop was run by a very friendly Lebanese gentleman, he used to smile when he saw me as I think it amused him that I bought such a tiny amount. If I remember rightly 10 dirham's bought 8 large chocolates or I could get 12 if I chose the smaller ones. I think probably they don't usually sell such small amounts but he always obliged and when he saw me coming in the door he would straight away go and pick out the ones he knew I liked best.  Sadly since I have moved back to New Zealand I believe the shop has closed and I think one of those cheap plastic shoe shops has taken over.  I know I would prefer the smell of chocolate and coffee drifting into our building rather than the smell of plastic shoes.

Why am I bringing up chocolate..... Because I have found a unique shop that sells on line and produces chocolate on a stick, much like a lollipop I guess. The shop is called Vanilla Stick  and the chocolates are made by a Michelin star pastry Chef, David who has studied in France but living in the United Kingdom. His unique way of producing chocolate would make lovely gifts for family and friends and the great thing is he will post worldwide. I have not seen anything like David's chocolate myself, so have picked out some of his yummy chocolates for you to feast your eyes on as they are just so pretty.  He even has some coated in 22ct edible gold! Apparently they are on Facebook and if you add them to your facebook you can go in a draw to win some of his chocolates..(makes note to add to my own facebook)!

You can find the shop at Etsy.com, Vanilla Stick, The Art of Chocolate Lollipops

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