Sunday, 24 July 2011

Gorgeous jewelry by designer Virginia Wulf

I don't usually post on Sundays  but as I didn't blog yesterday and my quote the previous day may have come across as me being a bit gloomy,  I decided to put something brighter on my blog today and something "sparkly" caught my eye.  I came across the work of self taught jewellery designer Virginia Wulf, and no I haven't made a spelling error :).  Virginia lives in the Pacific North West a couple of hours south of the Canadian border. By day Virginia is an interpreter for the deaf and by night she is creating beautiful pieces of jewellery such as the ones I have posted below.  

Virginia says she believes in beauty, passion, solitude, kindness and love and her work is created with these ideas in mind.  Certainly Virginia's pieces caught my eye as being special. Her work has  a clarity and delicateness about it and and I love that she is also using gold as well as silver. Virginia combines her semi precious stones, crystals and pearls with different metals including, 14K  solid gold, silver, brass and 14K gold filled.

If you are not familiar with the term "gold filled" this means that they are much more durable than gold plate. Gold filled is an actual layer of gold pressure bonded to another metal, it has 100% more gold than gold plating. Gold filled is more valuable and tarnish resistant, does not flake off, rub off or change colour.  It is said to be suitable for people with allergies and a very economical alternative to solid gold.  This information came from "Reviews and Guides".

1.  7-1/4" bracelet designed with faceted smokey quartz gemstones and green faceted topaz. The gemstones are on a 14kt gold filled chain and have a beautiful 14kt gold clasp. Virginia says the stones are beautifully cut with stunning colours -  US$44.00

2. Earrings - soft champagne coloured freshwater pearls and beautiful handmade sterling silver detailed hoops. Simple and classic -  US$32.00

3. These earrings are on "sale" at the time of my blog -  Gold filled setting with Green Gold Gemstones that are beautifully faceted. These are one of a kind with a lucite leaf and swarovski crystal. I am unsure of the metal so you would have to contact Virgina through the link. The link is on the price - US$38.00

4. Dangling from a 14kt gold chain are these beautifully faceted champagne gold quartz gemstones hanging in a staggered fashion. Virginia says the cut and clarity of these stones is amazing. The stunning hoops are 14kt gold and  the gemstones are between 4-6mm in size - US$40.00

5.These earrings are faceted champagne quartz and gold quartz, they are wire wrapped and the hoops are 10k gold. Virginia describes the stones as stunning, well cut and shiny because of the great cut - US$42.00

6. This is a 23 inch long necklace combined with a14kt gold chain and five gorgeous coloured, beautifully faceted champagne quartz gemstones. The closure is a 14kt gold lobster clasp surrounded by two 14kt gold beads. 
Virginia designed this piece so that the the gemstone collection can be removed from the chain and the chain can be worn with other pieces you may already have.  - US$50.00 -  Details of the size of the gemstones are below:

Gemstones - 2 at 8mm width and length 
1 at 7mm width and length
2 at 6mm width and length

(Note: this product is on sale at the time of my post) 

7. Some more "classic" pearls - beautiful freshwater water pearl earrings on 14kt gold filled chain and 14kt gold filled hoops. Virginia describes these as spectacular,  wonderfully shaped pearls that are creamy white in color. A Great gift and for every day wear. Classic and elegant. - US$36.00

As with all the stores I pick out from Etsy at the time of my post feedback is 100% positive and prices are at the time of posting. It is possible however that pieces may be sold by the time you click on the link, however Virginia has many other designs available and I would recommend visiting her Etsy store. 

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