Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Bedroom Headboards, some fantastic and unique ideas.

I am still posting away at bedroom ideas and absolutely brimming with them after spending a few hours searching out possible headboard ideas for my own bedroom.  I have an incredible amount of patience when it comes to my paintings, dogs and children of any age, but absolutely none when it comes to finishing off my bedroom.  I feel like I have plonked a new bed in a newly carpeted and curtained room and camped out in it for the past year, no accessories, pillows, pictures or lamps and it's these finishing touches that make a house a home. I am now consequently rushing around purchasing those items that will make me proud to put  before and after photos on my blog. 

I want my bedroom to feel fresh, restful and French, with a touch of "country". One friend after viewing my blog said you do seem to like the French touch, after you add some French pillows to your bed all you need is a French man, I had to giggle at that comment! Actually the only French male to have made it near my bedroom was 12" tall, his name was Mimo and he's a French Poodle I cared for a while ago and co-incidentally coming to stay again this weekend (a client of Guardians).  Mimo immediately took to lying on my bed and even growled when I tried to remove him!  I am hoping his manners have improved this time around.

Today, without further "ado", I have sourced some inspirational headboard ideas that caught my eye.  Some of these ideas could easily be reproduced without spending a fortune. Others are clearly in the "high end" Interior design bracket.  However, I believe there is always a cheaper option to reproducing an idea you love if you have the patience to shop around. 

Addendum: (Since this post went live I have now completed my bedroom and placed old French shutters above my bed, all images of the before and after can be seen.....here)

Credit - hgtv.com
I love the idea of the old shutters behind these beds and definitely have ideas flashing in my head!  These have a wonderful "aged" patina which compliment the draws between the two beds.

Credit - Better Homes & Gardens
This mirror is amazing but definitely a lot of $ signs flashing in my head with this one!

Credit - Pinterest
I think this arch is off a fireplace surround, a really neat idea. 

This gorgeous rug with the Tree of Life design adds a Middle Eastern touch.

credit - Shelterness
I just love the eclectic look of this shot and adore the intriguing painting behind the bed. If anyone recognises the artist, please let me know.

These books look fantastic with the natural timber slatted tongue and groove ceiling.  I do imagine a bit of dust though so not so good if you have allergies.

This is a very clever idea from Kara Paslay Designs. Kara shows you lots of tips and tricks for decorating and you can find clear instructions on how to reproduce this bed head on her website.

It's certainly been a frustrating post today with blogger playing up and not saving all my links because I had logged out without realising :(.  Finally finished and will celebrate with a big slab of chocolate I've been saving for my break, then its off to do some more painting.  Please check "on my easel" for another update on my painting.  Canvas is fully covered but lots more work to do when this layer is fully dry, still nice to have filled in all the gaps.

Addendum: (Since this post went live I have now completed my bedroom and placed old French shutters above my bed...before and after images can be seen here.

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  1. Very cool ideas... I think my favorites are the mirror and the bookshelf. Definitely!


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