Thursday, 22 September 2011

French Country

This weeks specials from French Country Outlet Store
Some great bargains this week, the Roccoco mirror is only NZ$120


  1. I'm never quite sure what I think of the exterior of homes built with the modern style.. they don't quite seem homey or something... BUT I love the interior of this home. I love the space and the clean, simple colors. I love the open kitchen/livingroom. I love the bathroom with the view.

  2. Yes I agree tea, I am more of a "traditionalist" at heart and love cute old villas, cottages and rustic homes. But this house has the "views" thats for sure.

    I believe the way we furnish our homes can create that "homey" feel your talking about. When I lived as an expat, I had to make a home out of whatever we were given. In Qatar it was the tiniest 2 bedroom "box" with absolutely no character whatsoever. It had gaps in the windows so that when there was a sandstorm I would come home and everything in the apartment would be covered with dust...eeewww!!!

    I moved in my furniture and bits and pieces and others living in the block all said to me, your place feels like a home, ours just feels like we are camping out. I knew the reason was because I had endeavoured to make it a home by putting some things in that were "me". The other people in the company just moved in with the furnishings provided. I had rugs, lamps, paintings, I guess it was rather cluttered but without those things I would have hated the place.

    I survived 3 years in this little cramped apartment before moving to a gorgeous 10th floor large apartment in Abu Dhabi with views forever and a huge light filled studio for my art.

    I will be posting my own home soon, I am still in the process of final touches.


  3. Ooo, I can't wait to see! :)


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