Friday, 23 September 2011

Living Rooms featuring Robin Stubbert's Photography

What a beautiful Spring day in Auckland today, I went for a short walk down to Kohimarama and bought a sandwich for lunch at "The Store", ooh la la, The bakery was inundated with French men, then I realised that France plays against New Zealand in the Rugby World Cup tomorrow. There are supporters flags hanging out of letterboxes, cars and windows and As I wandered around the waterfront I noticed one house in the process of being built that had a myriad of flags hanging from the balcony, I guess one for each of the countries represented by the men building this property.  These colourful flags hung across the balcony, flapping around in the cool ocean breeze, but guess what ?...where was my camera when I needed it... at home! 

One person that definitely doesn't forget her camera is Robin Stubbert, Robin is a professional Photographer. Canadian Home & Country, Canadian House & Home, Country Living, Country Sampler and Style at Home are just a few of the Magazines featuring Robin's work.  Robins photography has also featured in many hardback publications and magazine covers. Robin has kindly allowed me to feature her photographs on my blog. However,  please do not copy or use her photos without her prior permission.

Interiors, gardens and Still life are among Robin's subjects for photography. I think that Robin has a distinctive style which attracted my attention. Today I am sharing some wonderful living spaces she has photographed, I hope these photos inspire you with your own living areas.

I encourage you to visit Robin's website if you are interested in her work featuring in your magazine or  if you wish to enquire further about her photography.

This large airy living area has been kept simple. However, visual interest has been added by use of accessories. It's amazing how a room can come alive with a few inexpensive additions such as the dried branches and the interesting items on the small wood table. The Stag horns bring the white walls alive and evoke a further feeling of nature to this room.

This living room has more of a French, cottage feel to it. The furniture definitely has a French flair. I love the red toile fabric on the chairs and cushions. The beautiful wood beams keep cropping up in my photos. I don't deliberately seek them out but my eyes are drawn to them. I feel however, that if you are to have natural wooden beams it is best to keep them light in colour, natural wood as these or painted white. Dark is ok in some rooms but the yellowy or golden log cabin or very old lockwood look, tends to be "dated".

A fresh country look in this open plan living/kitchen area. I love the lights hanging over the breakfast bar. I have very modern ones over my own breakfast bar but this gives me an idea to replace them.

A modern contemporary look to this room, where I have to say this dark wood ceiling works well as it compliments the floors and furniture. All the accessories work well in this room. Normally we would just use one vase but these owners have been brave and gone for two striking pots and solid branches, making them appear more of an "art" statement, than a simple pot with branches in.

I am not quite sure what room this is as I notice that there are some towels hanging up, so possibly this room is a bathroom. I love the fireplace and the idea of the small terracotta pots.I also love the French style console with its few accessories.  What a lovely idea for a bathroom to bring some pieces of furniture in such as these.  Often our bathrooms lack character but this one certainly doesn't and has been decorated in a way that makes it far from just a bathroom.

All photographs are copyrighted and belong to Robin Stubbert Photography.  Thank you Robin :)

Enjoy your early Spring or Fall weekend.
Lee x


  1. These are lovely photos. Like you, I really like the wooden beams.

    I don't know if you have visited my blog, but I wanted to tell you that I linked to your blog a few posts ago. I've really loved reading/seeing all of the lovely things you post about. I don't know much about home design/decorating, but I would love to know more, and I feel like I'm learning things here, and getting to see some great ideas!

  2. Thanks tea, yes I check in to your blog when I can, I signed for updates but they don't seem to be coming to my email address as they should :(


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