Friday, 13 January 2012

Although I love French interiors and clean whites, I also love eclecticism and after living as an expat in various continents you end up with quite a mix of furnishing. I'd love to have my whole house with a French feel to it, but this would mean I'd have to part with pieces I've collected and cherished for years. So for now my own living area is a mix of periods, styles, fabrics and textures not dissimilar to the image above.

The room above is an eclectic mix of contemporary, antique and rustic. The contemporary clean lines of the sofa and the stark contrast of the rustic table are balanced by the elegant wooden antique side table. The dark grey silk lampshades of the side lamps are striking and draw the eye... (Gosh the artist in me wants to go and straighten up that lampshade on the left ☺). The beautiful fretwork screen seen in the second image balances the dark tone of the lampshades. To soften the overall appearance of the room, cushions have been introduced in muted tones. I think the silver cushion enhances the silver lamp stands, personally, however, I would have brought in another silver cushion instead of the green one as I am a bit of stickler for balance. There is a lot of texture going on in this room (so important), from the velvet of the cushions, slubby linen of the sofa to the rustic wood grain of the coffee table with it's heavy studs around its perimeter.

Overall I think this room is inviting and comfortable. I love the original shutters framing the exterior view of perfectly clipped hedges and topiary. I like that the owners are not afraid to display their collection of interesting ornaments. Sometimes we are looking for the "perfect look" and get rid of our ornaments but this is the difference between a "home" and a "showhome". I also enjoy the brave way they have introduced an assortment of cushions in differing sizes, colours and textures.  

I wonder what you think about this room, I love to read your comments.

 Images are reproduced with permission from jj Locations
The image is the living room of a Regency ground floor apartment in Battersea, London. The apartment is available for film and photo shoots, please visit jj Locations if you wish to see more of this apartment or contact jj Location them with regards to this property.  

I've been inspired and definitely
heading to Laura Ashley's sale this weekend  to
check out their cushions.

Lee oxo


  1. It's a beautiful, elegant room. I'm with you on the lamp Lee, I want to straighten it too. But I don't mind the green and silver cushions, I like things a little mixed up and contrasting. And I definitely am a huge believer in making your house a home, stamped with your personality, rather than a showhome. xxx

  2. Very nice, but, like you, I would prefer two silver cushions insted of the green one, or two green with some silver pattern.


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