Tuesday, 7 February 2012

9 Things I’ve Discovered This Week

Some Girly Discoveries ♥

1. Boutique embroidered satin shoe bag UKPounds 16.00 from Bombay Duck
2. Aluminium etched money box for those Jimmy Choos your saving up for UKPounds 19.50 - Bombay Duck
3. Cute Bon Voyage Passport cover with flip flops - UKPounds 9.50, Bombay Duck
4. Simple link silver charm bracelet - US$39.00 - Bamboo Pink
5. I love the sea jewel colours of these Maltese cross charm earrings with pretty stones - US$99.00, Bamboo Pink
6. I really love this beautiful La Croix silver bracelet - US$69.00, Bamboo Pink
7. Acrylic rhubarb cake stand from Allium Interiors NZ$49.90
8. Stunning & colourful feminine chandelier from Allium Interiors NZ$345.00
9. Love, Love, Love this designer guild cushion from Allium Interiors NZ$235.00 

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