Saturday, 4 February 2012

Valentines Desert - Strawberry & Raspberry Tiramisu

This simple desert can be whipped up in minutes the night before Valentines...a great desert for a picnic too.

Raspberry Tiramisu 
200gms of ricotta cheese
1 x 200gm packet of crème fraiche
1 x 400gm tin of raspberries (drained of juice) or 300gms fresh raspberries
1 tablespoon of liquid honey 
8 Italian sponge fingers (savoiardi/ladies fingers)
Liqueur ( I used Crème de Cassis) as I also used in the Oreo 
Truffle recipe.
Fresh Raspberries or strawberries to garnish
2 x (250ml) agee jars/preserving jars with screw lids

Mix together the crème fraiche and ricotta cheese in a bowl until smooth, then stir in the honey.
Break the sponge fingers so that they fit in the bottom of the jar.
Pour 1 dessert spoon of Crème De Cassis liqueur over the sponge fingers
Then add a  1” layer of tinned or fresh raspberries and spoon approx 1” of the ricotta/crème fraiche mixture on top of the raspberries. (If using fresh raspberries you can sprinkle a teaspoon of sugar over or drizzle some honey but not if you are using the sweeter tinned raspberries.

Add another layer of sponge fingers pouring a dessert spoon of the liqueur over the fingers. (you will have to break up some of the fingers to allow them to fit).

Add another layer of raspberries and then repeat layer of ricotta/crème fraiche mix.
End with the final layer of raspberries topped with crème fraiche mix,then cover the top with sliced strawberries.

Screw on the lid and refrigerate overnight (can be kept for 2 days).

Valentine Hint: Tie with a red or pink ribbon, a lovely vintage spoon and a valentine heart tag, adding that extra special touch for your valentine.

Another lovely gift would be a jar of Rocky Road Bark  click "here" for recipe

I'll be featuring more valentine treats this week including a special Valentine Pavlova recipe.  A true NZ Fail proof recipe, crunchy meringue on the outside, and delicious marshmallow  in the middle.

Lee oxo


  1. Lee, love the triamisu in the jar what a great gift. Really liked the way you displayed your pictures a wonderful visual how to. I appreciate you stopping by and visiting us. I got the heart shaped candy mold from MIcheal's which here in the states is a craft store that has some baking related items. Don't know if they have them in NZ. If for some reason you can't find one there, let me know and I'll send you one. Laura

    1. Thank you for your kind comments, I aim to make instructions as easy as possible, as they say "a picture says a thousand words".

      Thats really kind of you re the hearts, I will look around first but very kind of you to offer, I am sure I will find one in this great kitchen shop in Ponsonby in Auckland.

      Thank you Laura

      Lee ☺

  2. They look so delicious Lee! Will have to try them :) xo K

  3. Serious drool! I'm SO MAKING THIS!!


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