Sunday, 8 April 2012

A Schnauzer, Schnoodle Easter

Hope your having a peaceful Easter... Little Poppy has a friend visiting, Aston (as in the Aston Martin car). Aston is more interested in my camera than Easter and Poppy is rather "miffed" by the lack of attention to herself.  Aston came to me via Guardians dog sitters, who I sit for occasionally.

The funniest thing happened yesterday, although they are best friends now,  there is also a little jealousy between the two of them and they keep taking each others toys, however,  they have now taken each others beds. Aston has the top of the range bed, deep, plush and very soft and Poppy sleeps in a fluffy cat bed that my girlfriend gave me which Poppy adores (well, before Aston came that is), but since Aston arrived the two of them have swapped beds because of the jealousy that they each want what the other has. Poppy has definitely come out the winner on this one as she's now in Aston's deep plush bed and Aston is curled up but hanging over the edges of Poppy's little cat basket, its hilarious!  I keep putting them back in their own beds but they keep swapping over, I'll have to take another photo of them  in the beds to show you.

Have a wonderful Easter...

Lee, Poppy and Aston 


  1. Oh my goodness, Aston and Poppy are so cute together! Great photo Lee. Nala is the 'jealous' one out of our two, I suppose because we had her first, she is always stealing toys off poor Harley! Quite funny to watch :) xo K

    1. Aren't they just the cutest, I love your two dogs, I have always had large dogs, this is the first time I have ever had a small dog. Poppy is tiny and sometimes I am looking around for her and don't realise she's right beside my feet.

      Poppy had a family in the park in hysterics today with her antics. She actually will do all her tricks for other people when they ask and the latest one is...I pick her up in my arms and say "sleep" and she flops her head down and dangles her legs. The family were mesmerised and said they'd never seen anything like it....hoping she might be a superstar one day ☺

  2. They are so cute! ^^ I'm in love with this breed, they're so sweet and playful all the time.

    I Know is a little bit late but HAPPY EASTER! for you too :)

    1. Thank you Ruth, was that the Schnoodle or the Schnauzer you love, either of the breed is just so delightful. My little Schnoodle has the super brain of the poodle too and she is almost human at times with her understanding.

      I would never get another breed again, added bonus that neither of them shed hair which is wonderful!

      And thanks for your Easter wishes, I hope you had a great Easter too.



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