Saturday, 14 April 2012

Reclaimed and Renamed!

Such beautiful things can be made from re-claimed wood and they're making their way into our homes by way of storage, tables, furniture, even stairs cases.  Why throw away when you can create something useful and aesthetic for the home without damaging any more forests than we have to.

What's new at Anthropologie...

1. Love these pots made from paper mache then covered with recycled cement bags up to - US$38.00
2. Sweet bird box from reclaimed timber - US$160.00
3. This little bird (albeit a bit scary) is made from drift wood and wire - US$10.00
4. Paddle Salad servers, I love their tactile shape and imagine its easy to tackle large amounts of salad in one go - US$24.00

All the above products available from Anthropologie's new arrivals

If your interested in DIY and reclaimed items, you may be interested in these two easy but impactive bedroom makeovers:

Image 1,2,3, via Pinterest,
Image 4. Anthropologie
Image 5. Anthropologie product images

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Look around your home and see what items you may have that
are from reclaimed wood, if you haven't any I ask you to re-consider that brand new wooden item next time in favour of something made in reclaimed wood ☺
Lee oxo 


  1. I adore those beautiful wine crates in the first picture! Oh and those paddle salad servers have to be mine immediately!

    1. I love those crates too Meghan, just think what uses they could have!

  2. Hi Lee!
    I like your idea of using reclaimed wood instead of buying something new. I have several old pieces in my home and would never give them away. They're too special to me:) Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I left a comment on it in reply to you but should send it directly to you. Nice to meet you!

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment, I will go back and check the comment on your blog. Nice to meet you too ☺


  3. The bench seat and table in pic two are amazing - love. xxx

    1. Aren't they just wonderful Vic. Last year I did French Paint finish on an old English Pine table and I am now thinking of re-doing the wash with a touch of green or duck egg blue and sanding back a bit. I love anything weathered, worn and recycled.


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