Monday, 28 May 2012

DIY Daffodil vase - A Little Bit of Spring In Autumn

Yesterday I saw some gorgeous hyacinths growing in an oblong vase, but one look at the price tag made me realise I could easily make something similar at a much lesser cost. My mother came to live with me last month as sadly she is struggling with her battle with cancer, I thought a vase of "growing" flowers would brighten her room, so set about to create something similar.

I bought an oblong glass vase, then headed off to the garden centre to purchase some bulbs, however, instead of using hyacinths I bought small double daffodils. It was simple to quickly assemble the flowers. and my mother is constantly telling me how much she's enjoying watching the daffodils bloom. Anything that makes mum  happy right now makes me happy too.

 If your bulbs are in soil, gently wash the soil from the roots. Alternatively select bulbs with very little root system showing and only just beginning to sprout.

 I chose this oblong container as it was ideal for three bulbs

Fill to 3/4 of the bulbs height with water, do not fill too deep, just enough to cover the roots...and...

 Voila! you have your Spring/Autumn container.

You can see a little bit of my white rose painting "Serenity Rose" in the back ground, if your interested in art you can see my paintings "here", including the Serenity rose painting.

Note: It would be best to purchase your bulbs just as they are beginning to sprout, this way the enjoyment lasts longer. Try to choose nice fat, round bulbs, unfortunately its the end of season here and I had little to choose from hence the two crooked ones in the middle of my display. 
Remember to change your water daily

On a wet early winter's day in Auckland, I couldn't resist putting together a board of sunny yellow. I only wish my images were as pretty as these... still waiting for my new camera.

More container inspiration for bulbs can be seen in my post on "Paper whites & Hyacinths:"

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  1. Those look so beautiful that they almost don't seem real! :-) What a wonderful treat for your mom and I am so sorry that she is battling cancer. I'm sure this truly does lift her spirits and what a blessing for her to have such a thoughtful daughter. Your photography is incredible also and we are so thrilled that you joined us this week for Inspiration Friday. Hope to see lots more of you in the future!

    1. Thank you Vanessa for dropping by and your kind words. It's a very difficult time for me and hard to watch someone you love battling this awful disease. My mum's wishes were to come to my home and not to go into care so I am busy most of the day running around for her and in between my blog gives me a little escape. I am trying to keep the blog going but realise that my writing is not as good as it was so hope people can forgive this...I think rushing a bit to complete posts on time.

      Hope to join again next Friday in your link up Vanessa.

      Lee ☺

  2. These look good! :) Spring in a vase!


    1. Thank you Aparna, more buds are opening each day and are a delight to see, especially on a damp wet early winters day in New Zealand.


  3. Your daffodils look gorgeous. So sorry to hear about your Mum - she is lucky to have such a lovely daughter. xxx

    1. Thanks Vic, yes a difficult time with no other family in New Zealand apart from my two sons. I do have some good friends though who are always phoning to offer their help. In fact one friend came over and tidied all my kitchen draws and cupboards up the other day which was really sweet of her and people drop in time to time with meals which is lovely. I'm sure you would do the same for your mother, we only have one mum and my mum means the world to me.

      Lee ☺

  4. It's so wierd to think you and I are experiencing opposite seasons right now. It is hot (almost summer) here. Love the idea of putting flowers with bulbs in water like that. So pretty! Thanks for stopping by and visiting me and becoming a follower too. I am happily following your blog too.

  5. Bonjour from a Kiwi living in SW France,

    Love the flowers, they are gorgeous ans so is your blog.

    A tres bientot, Leeann x

    1. Merci Leeann,

      Thank you for your comment, how lucky you are living in France. I see you have a few blogs, I will drop by to visit as I am always seeking new inspiration, I'm sure you find a lot living in the South of France.

      Lee ☺


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