Friday, 25 May 2012

Floral Living - Floral design in Interiors

I'm a romantic at heart with a love of anything floral, I guess that's why I turned to painting flowers. Although I tend to live in a neutral interior myself, my girly personality cries out for more colour and pattern. I've already  introduced a little colour in bedroom by use of some old French Shutters which I'm sure you've already seen and get fed up with me mentioning (so I'll let you check those out on my sidebar without imposing a link again) ☺. I now feel I want to bring a little floral into other areas of my house and while looking for inspiration came across the following gorgeous images. I hope they inspire you as they have me. If your really not floral inclined with regards to your decor, you can't say no to a bunch of gorgeous flowers to brighten up a room.


2. A clever idea with old floral wallpaper - pinned from Pinterest but tracked back to Debi Treloar who is the original photographer of this image.


4. A vintage look

5. I adore the inlayed shell chest from Anna Spiro at Absolutely Beautiful things

6. A contemporary floral look

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Hope you had a lovely week

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  1. hi, love love your style, found you or you found me via facebook - london house gifts and home x

  2. Thank you for your visit and for your "like" of my facebook page, glad you found your way to the blog.

    Lee ☺


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