Wednesday, 17 October 2012

An Introduction to Sierra, Guest Blogger/Writer - Interior Design & Fashion

Today I'm really delighted to introduce Sierra a talented blogger based in California, Sierra will be guest posting for me from time to time, and this week will be sharing a design post with us.  Sierra is an exciting young blogger/writer who has her own delightful blog featuring fashion and Interior design.  I am sure Sierra's writing will bring fresh young inspiration and I'm really looking forward to working with her.  I won't "dilly, dally" anymore (British saying for taking up too much time), I'll let Sierra  introduce herself...

Hello, my name is Sierra and I'm so excited to be occasionally guest posting on "Lee Caroline - A World of Inspiration". When I first visited Lee’s blog I was instantly drawn in and found myself enchanted by all of her lovely interior design images and tips, and I hope to do the same for you with my guest posts. I love interior design and at one point even considered becoming an interior designer, but as of right now I'm quite content running my own business named Paige one.

Speaking of Paige One, my labour of love, two years ago I quit my job to begin anew and today I'm happy running my business which is focused on writing and social media. I love what I do and I love interior design! Maybe in the future I'll add interior designer to my resume as well.

I am a frequent traveller and went to school in California, where my love BK, (my boyfriend of 5 years) and friends live. I hope to be back there permanently in the near future but for now I travel there quite frequently. I'm definitely a nomad of sorts. You'll also find me often in Utah where my family live and dog sitting in Arizona for my aunt and uncle, where my "adopted" Maltese puppy Tikko lives. :) So I would say that right now I reside in all three states and I love them all.

I am also an ocean dreamer who's in love with the ocean and run my own blog called Ocean Dreams. There you'll find my interior design inspirations, plenty of posts on fashion and my travels, and I also allow guest blogger's too! :). I love to exercise, enjoy nature, and have a mild obsession with chocolate covered gummy bears. I know, that doesn't go very well with exercising, does it?

I look forward to writing on Lee's blog and hope to inspire you with some lovely interior design trends and finds. I hope you have a beautiful day and looking forward to meeting you back here soon!


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  1. Thank you so much for the nice intro Lee! I look forward to writing for you and enjoying your lovely blog! :)

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