Thursday, 18 October 2012

Magical Décor Ambition – Making a Posh Nursery Come True

Today's post is brought to you by guest blogger, Sierra....

Whether you have a little one, are a grandmother who would like to help your daughter decorate, or you are in the need of  beautiful new décor pieces to create a posh redecorated nursery, your fairy Godmother is only a few magical wand wishes away. The wishes will come in the form of you doing your own research and finding décor pieces that you will absolutely adore. 

Then you will enjoy adding these stunning pieces to your little angel’s room! You’ll also be really proud of yourself when you find cute wall décor, baby girl bedding, and furniture that will suit your taste and the overall look of the room. In fact, your magical nursery will look breathtakingly beautiful thanks to your great fairy Godmother décor ambition!

Finding the right furniture for your baby’s nursery is one of the first steps to take when developing your posh nursery design. Look for trendy dressers, toy boxes, and of course, a crib that will pull the design together. If you need a lot of storage room lean towards larger toy boxes and chests that will hold diapers, blankets, and more accessories that require space, such as toys. For a unique crib design find one that is circular and lovely and decorate it with a canopy and elegant curtains on four different sides of the crib. The crib will steal all of the limelight in a room that will look perfect for your little one to spend many of his or her newborn days in.

Luxurious bedding is another element that you don’t want to miss out on, especially if you are adding to a pretty space for a baby girl. Find bedding sets that will fit the theme of the room and either let it become the focal point or let it compliment the surrounding decorative pieces. If you’re a hopeless romantic who dreams of going to the English countryside one day with your child, lean towards finding a pretty floral crib bedding set. It will look like an English garden that will shine brightly during a radiant sunset.

Of course there’s the surrounding wall décor that can’t be forgotten about as well. A mirror or two will make the room appear larger and this type of element will also add to the posh design that you’re seeking. Other fun accent pieces include shelving and wall hooks that will hold little coats and pictures. Plus – don’t forget about popular artwork that will add something unique to the overall design of the room too. Decorate to your heart’s content and spare no expense for a posh room that will look elegant and magical in every single way.

Sierra is a freelance writer who loves interior design and she can’t wait to decorate a posh baby room for her own children one day.

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  1. wow, these images are awesome


  2. Thank you, Sierra will be writing more guest posts so pleas visit again.

    Lee :)

  3. I love the 5th photo Sierra chose! Thats what I want my baby's room to look like when I have kids.


  4. Those nurseries are gorgeous. I love that people are branching out from using so much pink and blue, and are using some of the beautiful soft neutrals for nurseries now. They are some of my favorites. Though i must say... that first nursery with the pink walls and the white butterfly mobile stole my heart!



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