Monday, 14 January 2013

A Contemporary Turkish Interior - A Dream Or Reality

I have a dream and my dream is to one day retire somewhere warm and sunny. In my dream I envision  many friends visiting, warm sunny days on  my terrace, weekends browsing markets and long balmy evenings around the dinner table with my guests. On my wish list I have three areas I may like to live, Tuscany, Provence and Antalya, most of us are familiar with the first two provinces of Italy and France but how many of you know about Antalya.

Some years ago I spent 10 days in Turkey where I attended the Istanbul Tango Festival and absolutely fell in love with the people, cuisine, shopping and its historical magic.  During my short visit I was told by some locals that I must not leave Turkey without visiting Antalya province, especially Kalkan. Coincidentally this week, while seeking inspiration for a post and at the same time, dreaming of a warm and sunny place, I  came across Kalkan Property and discovered that living a dream with constant sunshine, remarkable history and fabulous food, may not be so far out of reach after all.

Kalkan is in Antalya province, Turkey, a peaceful resort and fishing town on the azure waters of the Mediterranean. It's been said, if you love Tuscany and the Dordogne, then you will most definitely fall in love with Kalkan. So I set out today to find my dream home in Kalkan and discovered some unbelievable contemporary (off plan) apartments over looking the Mediterranean. The apartments are for sale from only US$121,037. In New Zealand property is at an all time high and where I live in Auckland you wouldn't be able to buy a car space at this price, let alone an exquisite apartment with its own pool overlooking the sea. You would literally be paying millions for a place such as this.

When I first set eyes on their coastal show home with its sleek contemporary interior and wonderful Mediterranean light reflecting off its walls, I simply had to share it with you. This apartment is exactly how I would want my holiday home to feel, no clutter, fresh and white and with an overall feeling of relaxation. Learning more about this pretty town and seeing these gorgeous, reasonably priced apartments has seriously got me thinking.

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Well, what do you think, should I be brave enough to take the plunge, sell up and move there now?


  1. How exciting, yes I would be very tempted! I'm definitely putting Kalkan on my list of destinations I need to visit. And what great real estate prices!

    Thanks for buying one of my Key Tassels. The courier picked it up this morning. I hope you love it as much as I do. x

    1. Thanks for dropping by Vic, I should have posted more photos of the actual area, I guess I could do another post at some point. The scenery is amazing and the beaches are divine. You won't be disappointed if you add it to your bucket list.

      Can't wait for the key tassel to arrive, it's going to replace the plain one on my Korean cabinet, will post a pic on my FB page when it arrives.

      Lee :)

  2. I think maybe yes! I mean we all live these lives thinking in a box, like we have to be where we are, struggle with money, and well lots of stuff, when we could choose to be by the sea or be in wonderful amazing places with a low cost of living, good wine, companionship and even a beautiful tropical breeze. Sometimes i wonder how people live up north where it is so so cold and dark... and maybe it's just because that's where they have grown up and always been... they can't even conceive of anything else...
    Dare to imagine living in a wondrous place, and then, maybe just do!


    1. Thanks Cindy for your comment, I think we get into a comfort zone, or a "familiarity" place where we feel secure and safe. However, life is so short and until I moved back to NZ 3 years ago, I spent 15 years moving around with my husbands job, living an expat lifestyle which to be honest was wonderful. I met so many fabulous people, friends who will remain friends for the rest of my life. I saw wonderful countries and experienced such different cultures.

      Now I am back in New Zealand I have settled into that "safe zone" again and it feels like I would need a pretty hard shove to push me out but at the same time life I realize life is so short and so I do plan to make that move again within the next year or so. Definitely I want to go visit a few more places in Europe before I make my decision but like you say, why not choose to live by the sea, the sun and with cheaper costs. I for one could not stand to live in a cold dark place, I guess its family that keep people going in an environment such as that.

      Thanks again for your comment, I will "do" but when is the question?


  3. It seems to me that you are well on your way already, at least internally. The apartment is beautiful, and i love the name, Kalkan...
    How about booking a flight and just going for a holiday? Try it out for a little while and see what it feels like. And as an artist, it doesn't really matter where you live.
    i just looked at your paintings and they are absolutely stunning!!!! I LOVE your flowers, the light, the vibrancy! So beautiful. Couldn't find a space to leave a comment on the painting page which is why i am gushing here :-).
    Have to go give yoga now, but will be back and read more of your blog later.
    a big hug dear Lee

    1. Thank you Jutta for your comment and encouragement for my paintings, the word "stunning" is so incredible to hear, I need all the encouragement I can get to actually start putting brush to canvas again. Hope you get a chance to visit again. I have had a browse around your blog, it's amazing! Fabulous content and a lot of hard work has paid off.

      I made an error earlier I left a reply to your message above but made a mistake so had to delete it, not sure if you would have got a copy. But have amended it so maybe you will get this again.


  4. White interiors are always fascinating! Minimalist and yet with correct accents! Congrats to the designer!


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