Monday, 21 January 2013

A Dream Wedding

I have two friends whose children are marrying this year, one whose daughter has chosen to marry on an exotic island in the South Pacific and one whose son will marry in an unknown venue in Auckland, (still in planning stages... it's sure to be stunning!) I also have another friend flying 24 hours and 16 minutes, (to be precise), to attend a very "posh" family wedding in the UK. Sadly I don't have any daughters, I have two wonderful sons but neither are anywhere near marriage planning stages. Nevertheless, I suddenly thought, if I had the opportunity to plan a wedding, where would I start. My personal friends know I'm a dreamer but also a planner and this post today is about both dreaming and planning. Wouldn't it be fabulous to be given the opportunity to organise a wedding from start to finish, with no expense spared. Of course, it might be a dream but if it were real imagine what fun it could be. With money no object and wedding venues abundant, the world is my oyster. So, today I'm going to bring my wedding to life with beautiful images portraying that perfect dream.

A wedding, if only a "dream", nevertheless must have a theme, only then can you start to plan. One could marry barefoot on a beach in the Maldives, tripping down the aisle of St Paul's Cathedral in Jimmy Choo's, or a flower filled meadow in Provence. The world is your oyster and my head is spinning. However, I have to make decisions fast as this wedding is happening today, (remember its just a dream) and my given planning time is only as long as it takes to write this post. Therefore some quick thinking and fast decision making has to happen and unfortunately I'm a terrible procrastinator, (it happens with age). With my mind a buzz and not many hours left in the day, I've decided my theme will be French country romance.

I prepare a quick check list and off I go...

(Disclaimer, 'with a smile'... This list may not adhere to the wedding planners code of order, remember this is a "dream wedding" and I am the dreamer ☺)

Check List:

♥ Budget
♥ Wedding date
♥ Church or marriage venue
♥ Bridesmaids/flower girls & their gifts
♥ Hairdresser/makeup
♥ photographer
♥ Guest list
♥ Wedding stationery
♥ Bridal gift list
♥ Wedding venue
♥ Flowers/florist
♥ Wedding cake
♥ Caterer/menu
♥ Wedding dress/shoes
♥ Wedding rings
♥ Car for bridal party
♥ After party - venue/music/drinks
♥ Honeymoon

My perfect wedding in pictures...

The atmosphere, French, romantic and feminine, the venue, "France of course!".

The cake, romantic with roses, have to have roses...

The gown, the hair, the shoes, and of course "diamonds"...

Invitations, bridesmaids and flower girls....

A simple, romantic table setting...

The honeymoon...

Looking at my pile of dishes from spending too much time dreaming today, I realise my dream has come to an end. Wedding planning took a little longer than anticipated, but I enjoyed every moment and I hope you did too.

Collage of images created by Lee Caroline - A World of Inspiration, using "Style Me Pretty"

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  1. Well I would definitely come to one of your weddings, those images are all incredible! I have three daughters, so have all that to look forward to, although the oldest is only 10 :) x

    1. Thank you Vic for dropping by, gosh! three daughters. Enjoy and cherish the moments of childhood as time fly's by so quickly and before you know it you will have 3 stunning grown up girls. Meanwhile, some sensible advice, a friend set up separate bank accounts for his two daughters from a young age just to pay for their weddings. He used to bank a small amount each month and last year his eldest daughter got married at the age of 26 and he said it made life so much easier.

      Lee ☺

  2. Ohhh... that was fun! I've often wondered how i would go about planning a wedding. I'm terrible at planning and sequencing. I think i would email YOU for advice after seeing your dream wedding! I love the French theme, i'd definitely go for that one.. You'll have to do another dream wedding some day!


    1. Hi Cindy,

      Your most welcome to email me for advice :). I did plan a rather large Christmas function from start to finish in Abu Dhabi for a Company, from booking venue, choosing menu, organising music and even styling the tables. I bought all the table decorations on behalf of the company with their budget as the hotel wanted to charge an arm and a leg! I am not an event planner but really enjoyed it, however, it can be stressful. The wedding post was fun and who knows maybe one day I can help someone.

  3. I'm less than 4 months away from my perfect wedding now. I have loved the process of organising it all :)

    1. You must be terribly excited about your wedding. I also organised my own wedding it was such fun. I remember I saw a wedding cake in the British "Vogue" magazine and simply had to have it, now days the style of the cake is quite common but at that time it was the only place that made cakes that sat directly on top of one another without having those ridiculous little column supports. The cake had hand made paste roses and leaves all trailing down from the top to the bottom, it was beautiful and cost me half the price of my dress and I had to carry it back home in a taxi from one side of London to the other (I was living in the UK at the time).

      I wish you all the best for your wedding and will watch the updates.


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