Friday, 4 January 2013

Traditional Interior - With Minimalistic Touches

I love any excuse to decorate and decorating for Christmas was great fun, better still, hearing one friend say that my living room looked like something out of House and Garden was the best compliment I could receive.  However, as I'm in the process of removing my Christmas trimmings, I realised how busy my living room had begun to look. I only have a small space so it's very difficult when you love beautiful things not to go overboard and thereby end up creating a cluttered look. Looking around this year, I definitely felt I may have overdone the decorations. How can one create a country feeling with less clutter you may wonder.

Yesterday I came across a pretty country style interior, an early Victorian semi detached home in London. These traditional homes normally have the downstairs rooms separate. Usually a front sitting room leading off the hall, then a dining room and a rear kitchen. However, this semi has been opened up by knocking out internal ground floor walls thereby creating a large open plan living area with french doors to a pretty garden.  I love that the owners have brought in traditional furnishing but kept a minimalistic feel. In  this case I do think "less is more," what do you think? 

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Hope your Christmas and New Year have given you chance to wind down to a nice relaxed state.


  1. What a stunning home....just amazing! I constantly struggle with trying to keep clutter under control in my own home because of the size. I too love the minimalist look but can't see it ever really happening in my home because I seem to love my "stuff" a little too much! LOL
    Have a great weekend!

    1. You and me too Deserae, I now also have my mums things and so what I have done is put things in storage and then I bring things out and change things around from time to time. I love the minimal look but in my own home, like you I cannot see it happening.
      Have a great weekend too and thank you for taking time to comment.

      Lee :)


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