Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Creating A Coastal Feel - Home Inspiration

Down at the beach this morning as Poppy and I walked along the promenade, the day was so perfect we decided to sit down and soak up the sunshine. While sitting silently I realised how immersed I was in the colours surrounding us. The differing shades of blue of the ocean and white sails of the yachts bobbing around the harbour. Grey and white gulls squabbling over fishy morsels and the soft, beige sand, sparkling like the sugar crystals my mother used to offer her visitors with their coffee. These subtle colours combined with the right textures, can easily evoke a coastal feel to your home.

Creating a coastal feeling, is about creating a relaxed atmosphere using colours and textures relating to the seaside. It can be as simple as placing a pretty bowl of shells beside your bathroom basin or a seaside inspired vignette on a bookshelf. You could use a piece of art to inspire a coastal feeling or you may want to go all out and devote a whole room to this theme. Whether it be with art, accessories or furnishing, a coastal look can easily be achieved.

When trying to create a coastal look, don't go all out and choose everything with a nautical feel, mix and match your pieces so it doesn't become too predictable. I began by putting together a mood board of textures and furnishing that would help create my coastal look. Most of the items on my board are from SCS are a UK nationwide furniture company where I spotted a few unique pieces such as their drift wood table and pebble look lamp. I combined them with a few of SCS understated pieces, and added some accessories from elsewhere to complete the look.

1. Sandy table lamp 2. Dundee Sofa  3. Driftwood table  4. Dundee footstool   5.  Carpet 'Arran' in twine...(All from SCS Sofa carpet specialist).

If you want to learn more about how to create a coastal mood board, selecting the right textures and using word association to help you create your board. You may want to read an earlier post on....'Coastal Themed Interiors & Accessories'.

Inspiring coastal interiors...
1. Coral and shells - "please make sure you don't take coral or live shells from the sea☺"

2. Blue stipes mixed with beige and grey and botanical shell prints create a restful area

3. Soft greys reminiscent of the colour of seagulls wings

4.  Create a coastal feel to an outdoor covered porch with ever popular blue and white

5. A combination of some of my favourite textures; rustic wood, sisal, rattan and bleached linen

6. Seaside colours and a nautical painting

Image sources: 1|2|3|4|5|6

If you haven't had enough coastal love you may want to tour a few coastal inspired homes;


  1. Wow, the unit with coral and shells is gorgeous! Hope you will hop over and share at Amaze Me Monday!

    1. Thank you for taking time to comment Cindy, I most definitely will link up.

      Lee :)

  2. Hi Lee, I love all the rooms but the coral in the bookcase is beautiful!

    1. The coral is absolutely gorgeous, I just hope that it wasn't stolen from the sea when it was still alive. Coral is so beautiful coloured, I believe when it dies all the colour fades from it.

      Lee :)

    2. Hello Lee, I am drooling over image 5 and I just used it in a beach house post. I was unable to find the source for it. Would you happen to have it? I am green with envy, you are living the life I dream of. Take care, Heidi

    3. Hi Heidi,
      Thank you for taking time to comment. There should have been links for all the images, I have just checked and the links are not working. I will get onto this later today and send you a link to the resource. I think it might have been on Pottery Barn but will check. I will say, a little hint I found out recently is if you upload an image to the internet that you cannot find the original resource, it will bring up all locations and sometimes I have to do this when I cannot find the original source.

      Yes, living near the sea is wonderful and I walk most days along Tamaki Drive in Auckland. My home though is not coastal style but my living room is blue and white. I am always changing my decor by bringing in new cushions. It is very easy to create at coastal style. I must check out your blog.



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