Friday 31 January 2014

Coffee Table Styling

Does your coffee table end up a place for everyone to leave their belongings, I used to despair at times at my own table, instead, clear off the clutter and enhance it with some smart styling. I have found some fabulous inspiration to help you organise this small space, at the same time adding some wow factor.

The secret with styling a coffee table, is keep it minimal, don't clutter with lots of items, 'less is more'. I have a written a previous post about vignettes and console styling, you may want to read it for a few tips, as the same principles can be applied. Another handy tip is to find a suitable tray that fits in with your decorating style and use this space to style your vignette. A tray is easy to move if you need to put down food or drink for guests, it will also keep your table looking neater. Note how most of the displays below use items with different textures and heights. From shiny to rough choose interesting pieces of differing heights to create an eye catching vignette.

 Simple and stylish

Magazines, candles and flowers work in unison

I really like this clever display -I especially like the mix of textures, the roughness of the coral and smooth shiny finish of the orchid pot

A mix of colour and texture

 Style on a tray mix your patterns

 A pretty spring look to this rustic table, a great idea for a wedding venue

Again a mix of interesting textures and use of a tray blending with this neutral interior

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I hope you found some inspiration to try a few new ideas for your coffee table. I actually got rid of my own table but now thinking maybe it was a mistake.

Lee oxo

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  1. I love the coffee table arrangements, so pretty and I love to change mine up and mix it up a little.....thanks for the beautiful photos ........


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