Monday, 11 August 2014

An Eclectic Interior By SGH Designs Inc

Above: A collection of antique dinner bells  - The walls behind are corrugated and add interesting texture

I love discovering design that is set apart from the crowd, so when I spotted this interesting, eclectic interior, I wanted to soak in the rich detail of their monochromatic scheme. Director's of SGH Designs, Stephen and Gail say their partnership is both personal and professional and "their longevity as a team is reflected in the timelessness of their designs".

The colour palette may appear masculine, yet the accessories add some femininity. Obviously the owner is a collector and Stephen and Gail of SGH Designs Inc have found clever ways to display the owner's  collections using well designed built-in shelving and introducing furniture with interesting lines, such as the obelisk shaped iron display shelves below. If you look carefully you will see most of the furniture and lighting has unusual lines, which to me, is what makes this interior, unique.

Above: Built-in shelving allows for ease of displays without taking up valuable floor space 

Above: Symmetry? The designers chose to place the glass items at the top in symmetry but the planters at different levels, this keeps the eye wandering and interested

Above: Artwork need not be hung on a wall, placing paintings on open shelving is simple way of being able to change your art around. The shelves are perfect proportions for displaying each item or groups of items. Remember when you are placing objects within a determined space, that you make sure your item is neither too large or too small

Above: A statement Art Deco chair has been given a plush new look with a tiger print fabric in velvet, making a statement to this corner

Above: Architectural interest has been added using a column at the end of the bath, which also doubles as shelving for more of the owners collections. The ladder adds a little rustic charm, the tray at the top holds bathroom products while the rail can hold towels....this is becoming a popular idea in bathrooms

Above: An interesting and eclectic room full of texture. Pattern has been kept at a minimum with the corner screen acting as a piece of artwork

Above: A bold Gothic statement in this powder room. The base is an antique, oak alter table, the top is inset with a hammered copper sink

Above: The bedroom continues the monochromatic scheme - Many textures have been introduced to keep the scheme interesting

Using a monochromatic palette, SGH have created a most interesting space, I can't stop looking at the fascinating, decorative touches. Remember, If you are wanting to display decorative collections in your home, It is a good idea to display a few pieces at a time and replace these from time to time. If you only have a small home or small rooms, displaying too much can be a little overpowering, so make sure to create a careful balance as above.

If you love Gail and Stephen's style, feel free to visit their website (link above) for further examples of their work or for further enquiries. SGH is based in Pound Ridge, New York.

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