Friday, 17 October 2014

Heating Your Home With Style - Best Heating

It is spring in NZ, well it certainly was this morning but now the rain is back and another cold snap with it and I am ashamed to say I have just turned my noisy heat pump back on. The promotional brochure, stated 'quiet', however quiet it is not! How I wish I had central heating, when we lived in the UK my whole house was toasty and silent, I wonder, is it because I conjure up images of those cumbersome radiators found in our state schools. Central heating designs have come a long way since the days of those old fashioned curvatures. I took a look around the Internet and discovered vertical and horizontal designs befitting the most contemporary homes.

I started my search in the UK and discovered Best Heating who is definitely keeping up with the trends across their entire heating range. I knew we had come a long way since our old fashioned school radiators; however I was surprised at the range of finishes and designs I discovered. Glossy red, metallic silver and chrome, black gloss and anthracite with mirror inserts. Traditional styles are still available alongside the sleek designer look; I even spotted a wave effect that looked more like a piece of art than a radiator.

When it comes to choosing the design of your radiator it is important to consider the style of your home and furniture. Is your home contemporary, traditional, cottage, Hamptons, coastal? Once you have determined your style then consider your colour. Do you want your radiator to blend into its surroundings or do you want it to stand out as a feature. If you have a traditional style house or cottage you will probably want to consider a traditional style radiator in white. For a coastal home or if your home is wood panelled then a white, horizontal or vertical flat radiator would unobtrusively blend in. If your home is ultra modern then choosing a tall, vertical radiator as a feature may be an option you might want to consider, or even something more abstract. As far as where to locate your radiator, it is best to speak to the experts on this but I might add that there are many different sizes available so even with limited space there will one to fit. Best Heating have a wide range of radiators, both traditional and their designer range, so let's look at a little inspiration...

Above: If you want to go for a dramatic look then choose an accent colour that will work with your interior. This red, vertical radiator would look stunning in this industrial style kitchen.

Above: A vertical red radiator in this thoroughly modern bathroom would enhance the drama and lead the eye upwards. Alternatively a tall column heater in white would further add contrast to the red walls.

Above: This Hudson Reed Xcite designer radiator would compliment the graphic design of the wallpaper and add further interest to this black and white contemporary bathroom.

Above: If you have more traditional home decorated in a country, cottage or Hamptons style, a traditional column radiator is the perfect choice. 

I wonder if this post might have you thinking about installing radiators, especially if you are thinking of building a new home. They are efficient, great space heaters, silent and as you can see there is a design to suit most interiors. I couldn't share all the designs, so if you want to explore more, hop over to Best Heating for more inspiration and information on their products.

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