Wednesday 10 June 2015

A Recent Design Project - Contemporary Living

I don't usually take on design projects as I don't profess to be an interior designer, however I recently accepted a small project for a client. After an extensive exterior renovation they wanted a new colour scheme, carpets, curtains and new furniture for their interior.

I thought this project would be fun as the client wanted a contemporary look and this is a step away from my own style. I knew I wanted to keep the colour scheme fairly neutral but wanted to add some pattern and colour with lots of cushions on the sofas. The previous living room (I don't have a before photo) was quite dark with a dark grey carpet and chocolate brown sofas and curtains.  I wanted to give the room a lift by using light neutral tones on the floors and walls, this would create a sense of more space. The walls are one eighth Thorndon Cream throughout, ceilings Alabaster and woodwork also one eighth Thorndon Cream.

Roman blinds were hung in the entrance and dining room using Warwick's, Adari Linen. This fabric has a soft neutral grey/beige background with a floral pattern in a medallion and leaves (see background fabric below). It is a linen look fabric which is actually polyester so it will be more resistant to fading. The curtains in the living room are Warwick Ventura, Sand, a beautiful sheer, loose weave linen with a slightly metallic thread running through. The curtains have been lined with a heavy thermal and they drape beautifully. Curtainalia and Bel Cuscino made the curtains, Roman blinds and cushions. the owner, Kaye always does a first class job. She also made all the curtains in Irene Crean's amazing French style home.

The linen sofa was bought by the client, I then chose fabrics of contrasting designs for the cushions so as to create some interest. The colour palette was drawn from a painting the client purchased. I haven't had a chance to photograph the bedrooms yet as they are not complete, however I thought you might like to see how one corner of the living room is coming together...

Above: The beauty of a neutral sofa is that you can easily change your cushions for a new look. The painting is going to be lowered.
Above: A floral patterned fabric softens the look of the strong lines of the geometric print. A neutral fabric was chosen for one cushion which was piped with yellow linen drawing the yellow colour from the Shadow Rose fabric.  All fabrics were purchased from 
Above: The client's painting was used to draw colour inspiration. Unfortunately I have allowed to much light into my camera so the colour is a little bleached out, the colours are actually more vibrant
Above: The table was chosen to reflect the straight lines of the trellis pattern on the cushion's and the iron curtain rails -  The table is from Leopold

There is still more work to be done on this room, there are more cushions to be made up as there are two sofas. I might introduce a touch of turquoise as the client has a gorgeous vase in this colour. I will keep you updated as the project progresses and the bedrooms are finished.


  1. Trinity Vintageware10 June 2015 at 20:11

    Love this even tho I am a colour person but am just in the process of painting out all my coloured rooms in 1/4 akaroa , decorating and interior decorating is not as easy as it looks as I have found out.... awesome to have a challenge but really excited to see my finished rooms. Always love what you do!

    1. Thank you for taking time to comment :). I love colour too, however this home is not large and so we wanted to add a sense of space. The client is working colour into the bedrooms with cushions and artwork. I agree decorating isn't easy and when it comes to my own home it takes me forever to plan a space.

      I think you will be pleased with the results painting your rooms in 1/4 Akaroa, it is a really nice colour and would work well with neutrals and dusky blue accents. The benefit of neutral walls is that you can live with it for so much longer and simply change bed linen and cushions or decorative pieces to add colour. I am not sure if you saw my bedroom post last year

      I am in the process of giving my bedroom a winter look with completely different bedlinen, without having to worry about changing my wall colour. I will be sharing this in a few weeks time. It has gone from looking coastal to a little bit French simply changing the duvet and having some new cushion covers made.

      Thank you again for taking time to comment and I would love to see the results of your room, make sure you take before and after pics.


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