Tuesday 31 May 2011

Blog improvements and Fireplace Feature

Yay! today my cold is improving, I can actually smell my Chanel No5. I love it but when I asked my son what he thought about my perfume recently, he said.... "its you mum, but its a bit old fashioned".  I was pretty upset as its been my signature perfume for years.  Maybe he is right and I will have to seek a new aroma.

On my favourite sites page I talk about "Etsy" the  online shopping experience.   With it's vast array of gorgeous items,  I have decided to create a sub page exclusively for  Etsy and feature regular updates showcasing  handpicked items by me. 

As my blog is very new, there will be some "evolving" along the way so please have patience if something is not where you thought, I will try "not" to make it a frustrating visit.  It will certainly be better than coming to a page and seeing, "site under construction".  I will construct as I go along so it might be like knocking at the door of an office to find they have moved across the hall.  However, I will endeavour to create my pages as user friendly as possible, (makes note to register for that website design course I have blurb on,  actually a factual statement).  Blogger.com is a wonderful site and very user friendly but I am still making friends with it and have not worked out every gadget yet.  Gosh I think I referred to the gadgets as "widgets" to someone today,  but I realise I think you find those in beer cans. 

I don't have a great deal to blog about today but I have added my Etsy page (click on the link or look to the rh side of my blog ). I have also featured more of Jessica's wedding invitations as the start of my Etsy page. I am so excited about some of the products I will be featuring as I have found some beautiful things at prices you will not be able to beat in the shops.

On another tangent, I am preparing an interior design blog on Fireplaces at the moment and how we can use them to create an eye catching focal point in a room.  I will be using my own fireplace as an example and lots of shots of other great ideas. The focus is not so much on the design of the fireplace itself but what we can put on the mantel to create a theme to your room or display some of your favourite possessions.  I think you will be surprised when you see the before and after shots of my "own" fireplace.

As a prelude, I have attached some pictures below of a few ideas.  I cannot credit all my photos as some have been collected over the years.  If  perchance any of these belong to you, then please don't hesitate to let me know and I will credit them later.

The room below  is a  clever example of how the use of fabric, texture, colour and accents have been chosen to create an African feel.  The mantelpiece has been used to display further African art and the fireplace style itself with its rustic bricks, blends in perfectly giving the room an air of masculinity.

Thank you to mustknowhow.com for the image

I absolutely love this Fireplace and mantle display. Simple but elegant, personally I would take away the small balls and leave just the 3 vases and the glass pear as I think it would be be more balanced.  However, a simple and modern overall look is achieved here.

My own fireplace is a simple design and I will be using a Silver mirror as my focus and working around this.  My living room is small and I have bi fold doors to my deck and garden directly opposite the fireplace.  By placing a mirror there I will be able to reflect the green of the garden and give an impression of a larger room.  Mirrors are wonderful for creating an illusion of more space.  My blog and my before and after shots on my fireplace and further ideas will be uploaded later this week.

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