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Fleurs Exhibition - 26th May - 6th June, 2011

Hi everyone, unfortunately my cold seems to have got worse but nothing is going to stop me from blogging today about a really fantastic art exhibition called "Fleur's Exhibition" being held at the International Art Centre in Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand.  I don't personally have any pieces of my art in this exhibition as I market my own work, however there are some absolutely gorgeous paintings of flowers and also by co-incidence, my other love in life, shoes!  Not exactly the 4" Tango shoes I have in my wardrobe but beautiful shoes nevertheless.

A couple of weeks ago I had a bit of a sneak preview of some of the paintings to be showcased in this exhibition. It was a beautiful sunny day and I felt like some inspiration, so off I went to look at the galleries in Parnell, including the International Art Centre.  The owner of the gallery was present that day and a really approachable and lovely woman to talk to.  We got chatting about art, particularly the portrayal of flowers and Francis was telling me about a New Zealand artist that was now living in Canada, Gabryel Harrison  who would be exhibiting at their upcoming Fleurs Exhibition. It just so happened she was in the middle of unpacking several of Gabryel's paintings and I guess I was lucky to be first to see them.  I must admit I was impressed and liken them to the moody atmospheric floral paintings  of the Dutch Flemish artists, but with a looser, more modern feel to them.

Gabryel Harrison - to the Light, oil on canvas 130.0 x 182.0

I would love to explore Gabryel's paintings in more detail as they truly were gorgeous. I felt her work would look spectacular in both a modern and traditional home.  They have wonderful texture and atmosphere about them and although I haven't  seen this diptych above, I think it will be my favourite of the exhibition once I have viewed all the paintings.

If I have to drag myself off the sofa and out into the Autumn air with this dreaded cold, then so be it! as I do not intend to miss this exhibition. I guess I am drawn to Gabryel's work as the colours are very similar to my latest painting and her obvious passion for portraying  flowers. I notice by  "co-incidence" she has one piece titled, "Passionata" and my latest work is titled "Flowering Passion" and is also about Peonies. Our work is very different but we are obviously both like minded people and both have a passion for painting flowers, especially peonies and roses.

Gabryel Harrison - Passionata, oil on canvas, 91.0 x 91.0

Below are a taster of a couple of other works at the exhibition, but there are many more.

 White Chrysanthemum's, Marietta

 Marietta Still Life, Fruit & Flowers

Mariettas still life's are exquisite, there is so much attention to detail and you feel like picking up those juicy looking cherries and devouring them.

 Paul Coney - Winter Garden Roses, Oil on Canvas 153.0 x 101.0 

 Ted Sherwen - High Fashion, Watercolour 23.0 x36.0 
A delicately detailed watercolour by Ted who is well respected for his watercolour landscapes.

Ted Sherwin - 1780's French, Watercolour 24.0 x33.0 

If you are a lover of flowers and all things beautiful, I hope you get to see this fab exhibition first hand.  If your not living or visiting New Zealand, never fear you can click on paintings to view on line.  If you are in Auckland though, I wouldn't hesitate to gather some friends and make a day of it as the gallery is in the centre of Parnell  which is such a pretty shopping area along with its colonial buildings, upmarket Interior shops, fashion, galleries and cafes.  If you are out of Auckland it would be well worth the drive to make a complete day of it. 

I took a few pictures last summer when I was at the Parnell Rose Festival.  I did actually have the whole photo of this house but sadly had to crop it today when I realised that it had a car parked out front which ruined the look.  I wanted to give you a glimpse of the architecture familiar to Parnell and this little villa is typical of the area.

This shot I took  in the Rose Gardens. I will definitely be painting this gorgeous old fashioned rose.  I remember its scent was amazing.  I love the sunlit centre and the shadows falling on the lower half.  If anyone knows the name of this rose I would love to know.

A lovely broken shell walk in the Rose Gardens.  The arbour at the end was absolutely so laden with roses they appeared to be bowing down to greet you as you walked beneath.

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