Sunday, 27 November 2011

How To - Step By Step To Crystallized/Candied Rose Petals


1-2 egg whites
Organic or un-sprayed Rose Petals  (pink/red are prettiest but can be any colour)
soft watercolour  paintbrush
very fine granulated sugar (castor sugar)


Gently pluck rose petals, it is best to use slightly closed buds...

Place egg white in a bowl...

gently whisk...

Paint petal gently with egg white, do not paint thickly, try to keep it delicate but completely coat the petal both sides...

Cover petal with sugar both sides. I place the petal on the sugar then sprinkle a handful from above over the petal
turn the petal and repeat to the other side so petal completely coated with sugar...

Place petals gently and  carefully onto parchment/cooking paper.  Make sure they "sit" on the paper lightly, if they are too wet (egg white too thick) they will flatten and ultimately stick to the paper...

Place paper gently onto a wire rack to dry or alternatively what I did was to place them in an oven on a very low temperature 50 degrees celsius for 20 minutes.  I then opened the door and allowed them to dry naturally for the remainder of the night....

completed rose petals. Keep dry in an airtight container, do not store in fridge. They should keep a few weeks.

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Some Petal Inspiration:

Collage above designed by myself however photos are sourced from the following:

photo 1 - credit Mark Thomas at Bon Appetit Magazine

I hope this gives you some "rosy" inspiration.... Next I will be sharing decorating a sweet little Christmas tree in my Christmas colours for this year, Puple and silver.

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  1. Wow this is great, must try one day:)

  2. Absolutely fabulous...what a wonderful project. Thank you for sharing!! I have joined your followers list and would love to have you to join me as well. Hugs, Gayle


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