Saturday 26 November 2011

Rose Paintings - The Kiss & Serenity Rose, step by step process

Often people ask me how long it takes to complete one of my paintings, I never clock my hours so to speak, rarely does an artist, for me its about my passion and love of painting flowers. If it takes me a month or even two months to complete a painting it doesn't matter to me as depicting its beauty and reflecting it back to the viewer is more important than the hours it takes. 

Today I am sharing some step by step photos into the process of two of my works.  The paintings are first completed in Burnt umber prior to any colour being applied (similar to a sepia photograph), this allows for more depth to the final work. The first painting however, I did not adhere to this practice with the top rose as I needed to complete this work fairly quickly. 

The Kiss - oil on canvas 1.10 metres x 1.10 metres

Serenity White Rose - Oil on Canvas 80 x 80cm

I hope your having a wonderful
Thanksgiving break
Lee oxo


  1. Oh I wish to paint flowers like that. I'm trying to paint some red tulips for my bedroom, but it never be so nice like yours. I can only dream about roses, so many details and I have no patient and talent for that.
    If you only live closer I would buy one of your painting:)

  2. Thank you so much for your encouraging words. If you need any advice or help with your tulip painting, feel free to email me or send me some photos of where your up to and I will try to advise.

    Painting in the technique I use takes incredible patience and a lot of time, certainly not everyone's technique. However, beautiful flowers can still be achieved by painting loosely, or alla prima (directly onto the canvas). Sometimes I wish I could let myself go and be a bit more adventurous with my painting.

    I am sure your work will be lovely, I would love to see it when it's completed and hanging in your room :)



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