Monday, 2 January 2012

Chocolate Kiwi's On A Stick

The colour and shape of this green door reminded me of a kiwi fruit or "Kiwi" as known in the USA (not the feathered kind). My inspiration today is something quick and yummy using kiwi fruit. All you need is a bar of chocolate, I like 60% cocoa and of course you will need some kiwi berry/fruit, see below for recipe.  Children will have great fun helping mum with these.


3 large firm kiwis
3.5" long cocktail sticks or wooden ice lolly sticks for inserting into fruit
1 x (200g) bar of cooking chocolate dark is better and high cocoa value works best

1. Ingredients as above.

2. Peel your kiwis and cut into 1" thick slices, push your cocktail sticks in, place on a metal tray and pop in the freezer for approximately 20/30 mins until very cold but not frozen. (best to lay on a piece of aluminium foil)
3. Remove kiwis from freezer and dip into melted chocolate. (see below to melt chocolate). The cold kiwis should set the chocolate fairly quickly.  Place back on the tray and into the freezer and freeze for about an hour, you can keep them in the freezer and remove around 15 mins before eating.  

Melt your chocolate around 10 mins before you remove the kiwis from the freezer.  Break the chocolate up  and place in a ceramic or stainless steel bowl over a simmering pan of water as I did for "Rocky road Bark" and "Oreo Truffles" I use a steamer basket to sit my bowl in. Allow the chocolate to cool for around 5 mins before dipping.


We hope you had a wonderful New Years Eve.
I have just devoured 3 chocolate kiwis so plan to do lots of walking with 
Poppy this week when the sun shows its face again.

Lee oxo


  1. Yum, these look delicious, what a great idea! I will definitely be on the long dog walks next week too ;) xo Kirsty

  2. Oh my, those look yummy. I'll have to tell the girls about these. They have get togethers all the time. I love that green door. Happy New Year to you!
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  3. Thank you for your comments, they certainly were so yummy they have all disappeared. I plan to try to make some "bite" size ones next so I don't need to put them on sticks.



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