Wednesday 25 September 2013

Indigo Furniture - The Story

Recently I was introduced to a UK company called Indigo from Matlock in Derbyshire. I know this area well as I used to live in York and had friends that lived nearby in picturesque Matlock Bath. Indigo are a company with a difference, they have embraced timber in ways that I have not seen previously. Their designs, both timber and leather are stunning and absolute statement pieces. When I first saw Indigo's website, instantly I knew they were a company who put a lot of effort into their brand. Indigo are more than just furniture, their concept to design 'chunky furniture', using old timber is truly original. With a range of bedroom, living and dining furniture from bookcases to sleigh beds their designs are stunning.

Briefly, Indigo began when two friends Dave Castle and Miles Gregory saw an opportunity for unique, stylish, high quality furniture in their home town of Matlock. They had a desire to develop an exclusive brand that would become known across Great Britain and Europe. Their vision was to break the mold from regular varnished pine and develop a range of wooden pieces offset by sumptuous colours and textures using interesting materials and textiles. Furniture built for life, to withstand time, with up to 15 years of their personal guarantee behind it.

By working with old timber, Dave and Miles wanted to retain the characterful flaws such as the natural splits and shakes in the old oak beams and the saw marks and barbed-wire scratches in their raw hides and vintage leathers. These natural flaws would become part of the fingerprints that make each piece of their furniture unique. The company has come a long way since their humble beginnings with 16 bio-diesel delivery trucks and customers in Europe. French and Swiss ski chalets are a popular destination for their furniture and they even have customers as far away as Dubai. 

There is a lot to learn about this company, their charities, Grand Design and the X Factor. Clearly Indigo have reasons to be proud of their achievements. Because of their love for trees they have collaborated with the Woodland Trust who have planted over 6,000 broad-leafed trees to date, courtesy of Indigo. Also Indigo plant a tree for each one used in the making of their furniture. More recently their briquettes recycled from waste wood shavings are used to heat their workshops and offices. I could keep talking about the efforts and popularity this company have made, however I am sure you want to see their beautiful furniture so I have picked out some of my favourites to share with you.

Cute lazy cow doorstop 

It's hard for me to determine which is my favourite, I definitely love the leather sleigh bed, and I must admit I am partial to their cute little lazy cow door stops which you certainly don't need a grand sized home.

If you want to see more of their  fabulous range, please visit the Indigo website.


  1. Very innovative! I love the bookshelf in the first picture. It's just gorgeous!

    1. Thank you for stopping by Khammany, the bookshelf is lovely, I like the metal detail on the corners.
      I also love the leather tub chair with the ethnic upholstery on the sides.

      Lee :)


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