Tuesday 24 September 2013

Gazebo's - Perfect For Summer Shade & Outdoor Entertaining

Spring has definitely shown her face and at the time of drafting this post, I've spent most of the warm, sunny day shopping around for shade ideas for my back garden. I literally have a garden the size of a postage stamp, nevertheless my aim is to have it look like it could one day shine on the pages of House & Home. Last year I was forever moving my sun umbrella around to the point I actually broke it so today I was on a mission to look at shade cloths. This was an away from the computer moment trailing around three different stores and two different suburbs and 4 hours later I still had nothing.

As I write this post I am back home, on the computer again and looking for more inspiration. When I was searching images, I spotted a gazebo at The Garden Furniture Centre, I hadn't explored the possibility of a gazebo and decided to look for more inspiration. After finding some wonderful ideas on Pinterest, I am now considering the possibility of a gazebo instead of a shade cloth. In fact I am more than excited about the idea after discovering the images below.

I might not be 'desperately seeking Susan', but I am 'desperately seeking shade.' My bi-fold doors lead from my kitchen to the rear deck and in Summer the doors are open all day. The area faces North/West and gets all day sun. "Note to self" - Buy decking stain...I am re-staining the deck almost black and working with my existing rattan furniture. I plan to add some colourful squab cushions to the seating area surrounding the deck. I can easily envision a gazebo above the table and it would be fabulous to be able to hang a chandelier even if it was only for aesthetic reasons.

Two options....


And lots of inspiring ideas especially  blogger Liz Marie's back yard makeover in the image below. You can visit Liz's blog to see her great before and after images of how she made clever use of a gazebo to enhance her outdoor area.






Gazebo, shade cloth or back to the humble, sun umbrella, what do you think?


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  1. What a cute little backyard you have, your ideas sounds great. My parents put up a little gazebo recently, but on a particularly windy day, it was blown apart! Make sure yours is secured and/or in a sheltered area. x

    1. Thanks Vic, this is only a small part of the garden but it nevertheless is tiny. I have a small patch of grass which looked lovely when I moved in, all lush but now sadly suffering the effects of Poppy.

      I did think about the wind factor, especially considering the last couple of days of weather here in Auckland. Our garden is very sheltered but I do get your point and definitely it would need to be secured in some way. I would actually love some of those electric louvre pergola's but they are terribly expensive.

      Shame about your parents gazebo, but a warning to me for sure.

  2. lovely options. we just moved into a place with a great outdoor space.. I'm thinking a pergola.

  3. Yes they are very attractive but as Vic brought to my attention a gust of wind can blow them apart, I will need to secure mine in someway although I do have a sheltered garden.

    Would love to see your space when it is completed.

    Lee :)

  4. Oh definitely # 5 with the chandelier and the mirror and the comfy sofa bed thingy, or something like that. It is too wonderful


    1. Thanks Cindy, I can't wait to do something outdoors but still waiting for the Spring weather to settle. The winds we have had the past few days would have blown a gazebo half way to the USA!

      Lee :)


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