Saturday 21 September 2013

Wallpaper Trends - Creative Ways With Wallpaper

Wallpaper is an easy, economical way to add pattern to your home. Used on one wall as an accent, behind shelving, or even on the front of a set of drawers, it has a multitude of uses and is still a growing trend. Some of today's wallpapers are more like works of art, in fact I have spotted interiors where a large blank canvas has been covered in wallpaper and hung as instant art. If you were to do this, I would probably recommend  the use of a spray coat of clear artists varnish to seal the paper and protect it.

Wallpaper can be used to make a statement in your home, or subtly to add a little interest. I have been looking for some ideas for my entrance-way, I don't want to make too much of a statement, I want to add some interest with pattern but not have it glaring back at you. At first I was looking at stripes, however now I am expanding my horizons. I think these two below would work wonderfully in an entrance if not overdone.

I love this Anna French paper - Glamour Wisteria , the gold and duck egg blue combo is stunning!

Nina Campbell's Birdcage Walk Orient Way

I would have to say one of my favourite design companies is Osborne & Little, especially Nina Campbell's designs who have always fascinated me, I am partial to Nina's wonderful floral papers which are like works of art. A wide range of wallpaper, including Nina's designs, can be found on-line at who stock beautiful papers such as Bakers, Nina Campbell, Harlequin & Anna French. The two gorgeous papers above are from Wallpaper Sales vast range of papers, fabrics, rugs and art.

To help you with some creative ideas using wallpaper, I've discovered some innovative ways for its use...

I love this creative 'torn paper' idea, quite unique -  via, photography by Stellan Herner 

 I think this paper would look fabulous in a cafe or upmarket fashion boutique. You would definitely need a large space and tall ceilings for this statement piece

I like the idea of wallpaper behind shelving, this trellis design works perfectly.  I also admire the clever use of paper on the front of the wardrobe.

You could easily adhere some wallpaper to a chest of drawers to make it a 'one of a kind' piece.

Fabulous idea for a nursery, pick some gorgeous paper and use a template to cut out a jungle animal shape with cardboard, then use spray adhesive to stick your paper on.  Would look fabulous in a bright colour too.

Classic stripes

Not forgetting a little colour

A stunning photo mural, perfectly suited to a loft apartment - Gloriosa mural from Wallpaper Sales.

Another stunning mural, Merian  from Wallpaper Sales.

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Whatever your style, I hope you have found some creative uses of wallpaper that might work in your home.


  1. I absolutely love wallpaper, and there are so many amazing designs to choose from these days. I have a beautiful Designers Guild one in my entrance and it always makes me smile. x

    1. What is the paper you have Vic, I am looking for something for my entranceway but want to keep it subtle but interesting, I have to stick to very pale greys or beige. I am going to re paint my hallway to tone with the paper. The hall leads to my very neutral living room whose walls are Rice Cake by Resene. I do love Designer Guild and was looking at one of their wide stripes but it worked out very expensive to do the whole hallway, however, just then entrance might work.

      Lee :)

  2. This sure isn't your grannie's wallpaper anymore, is it!? Love the first one, and i really do find stripes so appealing for some undefinable reason. There are so many clever ideas here!


    1. I have to agree that I love stripes too, they are very classic and I think can look stunning in most interiors. I am still undecided about stripes for my hall versus a very unusual pattern in subtle greys.

      Lee :)


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