Tuesday, 29 October 2013

A Healthy Sleep With A Memory Foam Organic Mattress

These days I am far more aware of chemicals in our environment than ever before, not just in our food but also our homes. Take a  bed for instance, we spend approximately a third of our life sleeping with our faces buried into our pillow or mattress breathing in whatever toxins they may be giving off.  Do we really know what nasty chemicals might be lurking in our mattress or what it may do to our health long term? Apparently a mattress should be replaced every 5-7 years, so with my own mattress coming close to its sell by date and wanting a healthy alternative, I have been researching  a super comfortable, safe replacement. 

One phrase that kept coming up in my search for comfort was, 'Memory foam mattress', apparently this style of mattress eliminates pressure points by correctly aligning your neck and shoulders. A better sleep position means less or no pain and a much improved sleep. We all know that a good nights sleep not only recharges our body but reduces stress. It makes sense if a mattress molds to our body, that there would be far less pressure and more comfort. So, if this is one of the most comfortable mattress designs, is there a healthy alternative? With a little more research I came across a company called Zleeps who specialise in memory foam mattresses and include a chemical free, organic memory foam mattress in their range. Zleeps offer an amazing 60 night trial on their entire range, unfortunately they don't have a branch in New Zealand but for those of you in the UK, all I can say is "lucky you!" For me, I have decided organic and memory foam is definitely the way to go, so I will be sourcing a local product when I re-decorate my bedroom.

Of course I can't end this post with just an image of a mattress, so  I am sharing some crisp, white bedrooms to inspire you...

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  1. Beautiful white bedrooms.
    I don't know much about memory foam mattresses other than they are the newest thing. Although i have found that for a mattress to be truly comfortable it has to have some firmness to it. Something really soft feels great when you test it, but after several nights of sleep it can make you ache. There is a little "organic" type shop near me, and they sell pillows stuffed with real wool. They seem really nice and natural, but are expensive. Around $100.00 per pillow. But you can tell they won't go flat... I'm curious to try one out.


    1. Thanks Cindy for your comment, like you I am not too familiar with memory foam but the organic one definitely seems the way to go. I know that they conform to your body shape and reduce pressure. I don't think that they are soft, you can still buy them from firm to soft I believe. I must look for an organic pillow, I didn't realise that you could buy organic pillows. $100 is expensive but probably worth it for a great nights sleep.

      Last weekend I was staying down the South Island for a few days and we had a lovely room in a nice motel, however the bed was so soft and bouncy I could hardly get to sleep. Every time I moved I bounced up and down like I was on a trampoline. I thought, "fancy spending money on getting a room to look fabulous but not spending money on the bed". I would probably go back again but I would ask them first if they have a more comfortable bed in another room.

      I am very keen to try out a memory foam bed and found a local supplier...Yay!

  2. I got an organic memory foam mattress recently and I absolutely love it :)
    But it's really hard to clean :(


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