Thursday, 31 October 2013

Pop Art - Canvas Republic

Pop Art is a style that is most definitely increasing in popularity, especially with the growing trend for Mid Century design. The Pop art movement emerged in Britain in the mid 1950's, making its way to the USA in the late 50's, challenging traditional art by including imagery from popular culture such as advertising, news etc. The concept of pop art refers not so much to the art itself, as to the attitude that led to it. One of the first artists to embrace this style was Andy Warhol who also pioneered computer generated art and will be remembered for his Marilyn Monroe painting and prints. Currently the Pop Art trend is going through a revival and includes showing up on this years catwalks. This bright, fun, funky style can certainly add drama to an interior and looks like it will set the scene in 2014,  for both fashion and art.

From catwalk to canvas - Jill Sanders Spring/Summer collection 2014

A statement piece bringing  life to an otherwise minimalist space

 Group a collection of  images for maximum impact - Andy Warhol prints

The Queen gets a retro look

Another Warhol print

Cartoons lend themselves to this style of art 

There are many companies who are able to print high resolution photographic and digital art and sometimes it's hard to know where to begin. It is important when buying these prints that you make sure quality UV resistant inks are used and Canvas Republic is one such company that print using quality materials. As well as offering a range of prints both photographic and painted style, they also offer digital enhancement which can turn your own photograph into a Pop Art image.Well, if it's good enough for the Queen and Marilyn, why not yourself. If you don't have your own photo to inspire you, Canvas Republic have some really cool and colourful Pop Art  canvas prints, such as the images below.

Beetle (blue) from Canvas Republic

Beetle (yellow)

Beetle IV 

Oh Deer

The Kiss - 2007 (copyright) Wilde

The five prints above are from Canvas Republic's Pop Art range.

I hope you have enjoyed a little intro to Pop Art, maybe you can find a spot for this style in your home. I would love to hear your opinions on this art style and if you have any Pop Art in your home.


  1. I hate pop art! Well, at least 98 percent of it. I didn't know it was coming back into style. Probably won't see any in my home anytime soon. In fact, i'm not too fond of mid century stuff either... But now i just sound like a grumpy old fogey... Sorry to be so opinionated!


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