Friday, 18 October 2013

Bedroom Inspiration - Creating A Restful Room With A Metal Bed

We used to say 'wrought iron beds' but today it's simply metal beds, wrought iron, cast iron or stainless steel, it could conjure up a cold feeling. However, with the right soft furnishings and accessories a metal bed can easily be given a warm, romantic look or a contemporary feel. Iron beds were popular in the Victorian era, they apparently stopped manufacturing these beds in WWI when they required the metal for ammunition and it was not until the late 1960's, early 1970's they began churning out reproductions. 

In the 1980's I bought a beautiful reproduction Victorian white iron bed which took pride of place in the master bedroom which I had decorated in mint green and pink, floral Laura Ashley fabric!..."Goodness, I can't believe I said that". When we moved to SE Asia, we took the bed apart and stored it under a single bed in my mother's spare room for safe keeping. When I returned to New Zealand I noticed my mother had put my Queen iron headboard against the wall at the side of a single bed to make it appear like a day bed, my mum always had inventive ideas and I must admit it actually seemed to work. Time went by and when I bought my current house, I rather rashly decided I wouldn't use the bed again as my style had certainly changed. I experimented with antique French shutters but today I still hanker after a bed with it's own headboard. At the time, a good friend of mine asked if she could buy the bed frame for her beach house. Co-incidentally we both bought similar beds in the late 80's and she too had since parted with her bed. Now she wanted the look again and I am suddenly realising I should probably have kept it as without the frills and flounces I am sure I could have made it work.

Metal/iron beds can look great in most styles of interiors and can easily be given a contemporary look. I have been browsing Pinterest and found some inspiring images. If you are considering investing in a metal/iron bed and you live in the UK, have a range of metal beds and headboards, including a four poster, that could help you achieve a similar look. Of course it is all about the detail when putting a room together, most definitely you will need to soften a metal bed with beautiful bed linen and cushions. Frills and flounces are a bit 'old hat', sometimes simple white, crisp cotton sheets are all it needs to create a fresh, up-to-date look.




4.  Photography Julien Fernandez

5. Interior design by Emily Proctor, Photgraph by Patrick Cline 




I hope you have found some inspiration, I am impressed with the many different looks a metal bed can bring to a room.

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  1. You know me and colour, Lee. I love a contemporary take on the classic metal bed head - powder coating them in a bright colour. They look fantastic, especially in a kid's room. x

  2. I actually had a really cool picture of a bright coloured bed, I realise I left it out but think I will go back and include it in the post, they look great in a childs room.

    Lee :)


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